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Unable to work due to illness or injury?

Superannuation / TPD

(Total Permanent Disability)

A large majority of super funds have lump sum disability and death benefits. Many people are not aware that they can claim TPD insurance in the case of a partial and/or total permanent impairment or injury, ie. that you are unable to work due to any injury or illness. We help Australians, nationwide, claim their TPD benefit.

The general definition that entitles you to a superannuation lump sum benefit is “that you are partially and/or totally permanently disabled and unfit for your old job or any other suitable job that relates to your education training and experience”.

If you are no longer able to work and no longer able to perform all duties of your usual occupation full time, you can claim a lump sum benefit for your total permanent disability in addition to workers compensation or weekly or monthly superannuation payments being paid to you already. For more information or help regarding superannuation payments contact PK Simpson today.

What sort of compensation can I expect?

What you need to claim

You can claim superannuation and insurance disability payments and death benefits if:

  • You were working and you suffered from any injury or illness that has prevented you from working for 6 consecutive months;
  • A person that you are dependent on (like your partner or parent) dies and you wish to claim death benefits from the deceased superannuation fund or private insurer.

Following the difficult time of a death or disability within your family superannuation and disability insurance benefits may help to ease your financial burden. Individual policies do vary in matters of the level of coverage, the waiting period, and the length of time benefits are payable in. TPD Claim lawyers will be able to assist in making sure you receive the maximum lump sum payout under your benefit.

What P.K. Simpson can do for you

PK Simpson can help un-complicate this process for you and ensure that you get the best result possible.

We can help to:

  • Undertake all investigations to determine the superannuation or total permanent disability benefits that are available to you;
  • Plan how your case will proceed in order to achieve the best outcome;
  • Gather the evidence needed for the superannuation or total permanent disability claim (such as from your doctor);
  • Keep you informed of important developments as the case proceeds;
  • Make an initial assessment of your superannuation or total permanent disability claim;
  • Assist you in dealing with powerful opponents such as insurance companies;
  • Investigate the possibility of resolving your superannuation or total permanent disability claim; and
  • Make recommendations on court proceedings and settlement offers.

Our experienced TPD lawyers will take the stress out of your hands, whilst still keeping you in the loop about your superannuation or total and permanent disability case. Let us handle everything and make your experience with your superfund an enjoyable one with PK Simpson TPD Claim Lawyers.