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Many people will be aware that serious medical conditions like spinal and head injuries are grounds for making a claim against their superannuation’s Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) cover.

However, they may not know that this cover can extend to psychological conditions such as depression that have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. It’s important for anyone who is affected by depression to understand the options available to them, especially if their condition prevents them from completing simple daily tasks.

According to the beyondblue organisation, depression is the most common form of disability and will affect one in six Australians at some point in their lives. At any one time, there are roughly 1 million people living with depression in Australia, while another 2 million experience some form of anxiety.

There are also many different symptoms of depression that can affect a person’s ability to work. Symptoms like restlessness or agitation, problems concentrating and fatigue or lack of energy coupled with feelings of helplessness, thoughts of death or suicide and sleeping issues can all affect a person’s employment.

Fortunately, those who do suffer from depression may be able to make a superannuation TPD claim in the event they are unable to work.

While many claims against the TPD insurance contained within a superannuation fund will be as the result of an accidental event, conditions that have no concrete cause, like depression, can still be grounds for a claim.

This is good news for those suffering from depression, but it is important they pursue this promptly following an accident. Time limits apply and will begin at your time of diagnosis, making it valuable to seek the advice of a lawyer.

If you are experiencing severe depression that has affected your ability to work for six months or more, make sure to get in contact with a compensation lawyer about making a claim against your TPD insurance