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For over 38 years, PK Simpson Injury Compensation Lawyers have been helping the people of Australia receive the compensation they deserve. We’ve successfully handled over 25,000 claims and helped thousands get their lives back on track. That is our specialty!

What’s the biggest difference between us and others? We pay for all medical reports so there is no financial strain on your part. PK Simpson Injury Compensation Lawyers maximise your claim by getting the best specialist reports to back your claim. We look into all claim avenues to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Experience matters.

We are a personal injury law firm that charge on a No Win – No Fee basis – but unlike many competing law firms, we do not simply pick and choose the cases that we are likely to win – we will represent anyone who has a viable compensation claim, regardless of how large or small the claim.

If you or someone you know has suffered injury or illness and feel that you are entitled to claim compensation, contact PK Simpson on 1300 867 915 or book an appointment to come and see us to have a chat.

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7 out of 10 clients are referred by our current clients.

“I’m so happy to have found the team at PK Simpson. They helped me when I was going through one of the toughest times of my life. When my claim settled I ended up with a compensation payout which allowed me to keep my family home. Would recommend 100%”

Sammy Dickson
a month ago

“I have received the cheque and paperwork. Thank you very much! I really appreciate what you have achieved.”

Fred, Erskineville NSW
a month ago

“Thank you so much. I definitely will stay in touch. You always manage to help so thank you very much from both my father and I. We really appreciate your help and the whole team.”

Rasha, Heckenberg
a month ago

“The very friendly team at PK Simpson has helped me complete three TPD claims. They have helped in all aspects from professional courtesy to contacting me in regards to appointments. I strongly recommend that you go with PK if you’re in need of any help.”

Semi, Blacktown NSW
a month ago

“I am very, very thankful to PK Simpson for helping me get my TPD claim approved. This has changed my life. All my debts are paid off. I still have funds to secure my future.A very special thanks to my TPD solicitor and secretary for all the help and follow up you did.”

Ahmed, West Hoxton NSW
a month ago

“I have received your letter with attached cheque. I wanted to thank you for finalising my matter so quickly. It is very much appreciated. All the best to my TPD team.”

Kurt, Adelaide SA
a month ago

“Thank you so much I have gone through a lot. This will help me in a lot of ways physically and mentally. I’ve sent some flowers to show my appreciation.”

Troy, Sydney
a month ago

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