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> $800,000 awarded to our client after work related forklift accident at Homebush    > Client injured at house party | Owner Negligence | Successful compensation claims for private property accidents    > Front seat passenger in car accident at Mt Druitt - Walks away with $40,000    > Slip and fall accident in shopping center concluded in $42,000 win at informal settlement conference - Negligence Claims.    > Woollahra electrician claims $450,000 at informal settlement after work related injury    > Client receives $200K more after her claim is assessed by our lawyers    > All medicals paid for and less financial strain in claim process     > Client reviews outstanding in compensation law     > Unanderra resident has fantastic result after bad car accident | Passenger in vehicle    > Young man walks away relieved and happy after bike accident compensation win on Anzac Parade     > Slip and fall on wet tiles at Top Ryde Shopping Centre results in payout    > Paraplegics still have to fight for insurance payouts | Major Accident Specialists    > Ferry accident injuries and negligence | You deserve compensation    > Reviewed as the best injury compensation lawyers in NSW    > We can make sure you are recognised in a Will if you have been treated unfairly or left out altogether     > Half a million dollars awarded to our client who was riding a bicycle and knocked off by an unidentified driver.    > Diagnosed psychological illness experts in TPD claims    > Corner of Victoria Road and Kissing Point Road, Ermington Car Accident concludes in great payout for injured driver    > Elderly woman trips and falls down steps at event centre in Brighton-Le-Sands wins occupiers negligence claim | Trip and fall compensation    > Western Sydney bread baker suffers injury at Canterbury bakery is happy he made workers compensation claim with PK | TPD and Workers Comp     > Corrective services employee receives over $700,000 as a result of a car crash in Tuggerah | Injury and Accident Compensation     > Total and permanent disability claims (TPD) are commonly referred to as superannuation payouts.     > Forklift operator receives $100,000 TPD payout after work accident | Work injuries and TPD claims experts    > Willoughby Garbage collector who injured himself on the back of garbage truck receives $250,000 in Workers Compensation payout    Kurnell factory worker recieves $350,000 after industrial work accident | Whole Injury Damages Claims | Workers Compensation NSW    Young man sustains injuries from car accident in Wetherill Park | Finds out about accident compensation services with PK Simpson | Walks away thankful, with a new outlook on life and in a very good financial position.     Man injured in Sydney hang glider accident seeks out the best negligence lawyers in Australia | Accident and injury lawyers NSW     CTP insurance in NSW allows you to claim compensation for injuries sustained on Sydney roads, even if you are a passenger in a vehicle at fault.     > Car accident in Connells Point, NSW, results in compensation payout of over $900,000 for injured driver.    > In order to claim a lump sum payment from a work injury in NSW you must have over 15% whole person impairment | WID Workers Compensation Lawyers Sydney    > Couple suffer injuries from car accident in Randwick/ Coogee | CTP Claims | Car Accident Lawyers | Eastern Suburbs | Sydney    > Driver suffers injury to back, including whiplash after being rear ended in an accident at Arundel Park. Car accident claim with us results in $97,000 payout to client.    > To claim TPD you must have been working at the time you became TPD. This doesn't mean the injury had to have happened at work. TPD covers you for when people are unable to work due to their injury or illness.    > Due to the many changes to the Workers Compensation laws in NSW there are many injured workers who now do not know where they stand. PK Simpson has made sure to be on top of the changes as soon as they happen.     > A TPD claim can be made from an injury or illness which has prevented you from returning to work. TPD lawyers will make sure your claim against your superfund is looked at fairly and the maximum amount is paid out.     > Settlement negotiations after Slip and Fall in supermarket ends in lump sum payout to our client     > Car Accident | Corner Broughton Street and Parramatta Road, Concord | Client injuries result in over $40K compensation     > Workers Compensation payout settlement over $340K after emploee suffers injury at work | Whole Injury Damages
> Fantastic result for man assaulted at Sydney airport - $450,000 settlement.    > Car accident on Boulevarde Avenue, Lakemba Station - Client claims $200,000 in settlement monies.    > Car accident M5 freeway, Beverly Hills - Over the moon with $55,000.    > 6 months out of work means you could have a claim    > Not being able to work due to mental illness will enable you to make a TPD claim     > On the road accident in Ryde results in not at fault driver winning $120,000 | CTP Claims.    > TPD claims awarded through persistence and negotiation    > Car accident in Parramatta results in successful payout     > Woman slips and falls at Merrylands Westfield after floor not cleaned | Negligence compensation payouts    > Man assaulted by NSW Police is awarded $90,000 | Intentional Torts | Injury Compensation     > Client struck by car near Carnes Hill Shopping Centre and awarded damages | Car Accidents Hoxton Park    > Assaulted by police whilst being arrested | $80,000 awarded in out of court settlement     > Aggressive police action results in intentional torts payout    > Sydney's best accident compensation lawyers     > Make sure you get what you deserve if you have been treated unfairly in a Will | Contesting Wills and Defending Wills    > Even when hit by an unidentified vehicle (hit and run) you are able to claim compensation    > Total and permanent disability mental illness sufferers from all over Australia come to our expert lawyers    > Roofer has accident and injures himself at Rose Hill Public school recieves Workers Comp and TPD payout | Multiple Claims with PK    > Front seat passenger suffers injuries in car accident at Lakemba is able to carry on with his life in new light after successful claim which far exceeded his expectations    > Young women injured in car accident on highway outside of Wagga Wagga is able to get on with life | Compensation Claim Lawyers     > When a car accident has resulted in an injury which has prevented you from working for 3-6 months you should look into a total and permamenet disabilty (TPD) claim / superannuation claim.     > Hotel cleaner claims workers comp and TPD as a result of suffering injuries over the course of her employment    > $195,000 paid out to our client who was injured in car accident in Casula | NSW Car Accident Compensation Experts    $170K TPD payout helps injured worker get back on feet | Total and Permanent Disability | Superannuation Claims Australia    The people of Australia and NSW have won over half a billion dollars in compensation with PK Simpson Injury Compensation |     It is possible for anyone to submit a claim for TPD but in many situations less than the full amount will be paid out. That is why it is essential to have a TPD lawyer to be confident you are getting the maximum amount.     > Many clients transfer their Workers Compensation claims to PK Simpson becuase they know they have a better chance of reaching the 11% threshold with us | WIRO Preferred Work Injury Lawyers    > Slip and fall in supermarkets and shopping centres resulting in physical injuries can mean you can make a negligence compensation claim against the occupier of the building of facility | Negligence Claims Lawyers | Public Liability Lawyers Sydney and NSW     > Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance is a lump sum payout by your superfund. The definition of TPD is something which is disputed by all superfunds so having experienced TPD lawyers is vital to making sure you are successful.     > TPD benefit paid out in full | Total and permanent disability claims    > Corner Appin Road and Appin ByPass, Bulli Tops NSW | Car Accident Compensation | Payout of over $90K