As a resident of Sydney there is a high chance you use Sydney Ferries to cross Sydney Harbour. Thousands travel to work on a daily basis and a great majority of Sydneysiders enjoy the watery voyage as do many tourists every day of the week. The recent tragedy with the sunken passenger ferry in South Korea has drawn attention to ferry vessels and passenger safety. As a passenger or crew member in New South Wales it is important to know your options in the event of a ferry accident or injury while onboard a ferry ship. Ferry passengers can pursue personal injury claims against the ship owner and ferry workers can file workers compensation claims.

In 2013 a Philippines ferry sunk with 700 people on board. Survivors said they saw bodies floating in the sea and many were unable to get away from the sinking ship. In New York a passenger ferry hit a dock during the Manhattan rush hour, seriously injuring 11 people and hurting 70. Witnesses said the ferry was not travelling at speed but slammed into the wharf with tremendous power, tearing a hole in the vessels bow. The South Korean tragedy saw 302 people perish and human error is to blame for their deaths.

Sydney Harbor was recently the venue for Vivid where an Irish male fell overboard and drowned.

So called ‘party boats’ in Sydney are notorious for accidents. A mixture of alcohol and lack of Responsible Service of Alcohol and boats with little safety precautions combine to make celebrations a dangerous place. In this situation, where injury occurs, Occupiers Liability claims make ship owners accountable for low safety standards. Worn or non-existent grip tape on steps, irresponsible service of alcohol, broken glass and poorly maintained vessels are just a few of the factors which combine to cause injury to passengers.

Being an experienced Personal Injury law firm in Sydney has seen us deal with many Maritime Incidents. If you have ever been injured on a privately owned or public vessel give us a call.