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Our Fees

“Fair, reasonable and honest.” – Recent client.

We’ve sat down and had a chat with clients about their opinions and expectations on our No Win No Fee Guarantee, fees and legal service.

The actual outcome of this discussion was quite amazing. Most clients found our service to be of a superior quality and they found it acceptable that there would always be unreasonable few who would rock the boat.

In the end we settled on a powerful real life story of an actual client of ours. Here it is, in brief.

Our client, who’ll we call Dave, had been to a very senior experienced solicitor who told him his case was $100,000 which Dave was very excited to hear. The solicitor also said that he will handle every aspect of the case and will not get barristers involved which will keep Dave’s fees down.

Luckily, Dave ended up coming to PK Simpson.

In the end, we settled Dave’s case for $300,000. This was $200,000 more than what his previous solicitor had told him.

How did we do it? (Well, we can’t tell you exactly or else our competitors would be copying us.) In a nut shell, we have a wide range of resources including experienced personal injury solicitors and barristers which all work together to make sure your claim is done right.

Since 1977 the people of NSW have entrusted their injury claims with us. We provide you with a powerful voice and back it up with decisive action. We aim to keep our solid reputation and the best way to do that is to do what we’ve been doing for over 38 years. We work effectively and efficiently resulting in great payouts for our clients.

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