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Recent Wins

Contact us within 6 months of being involved in a car accident | Car Accident Lawyer Sydney | Time limits apply

Motorcycle rider struck by another vehicle in Liverpool results in $250,000 compensation claim payout | Car Accident Lawyers Sydney | Compensation Lawyers Sydney

Man twists leg on warning sign which had fallen flat on ground | Negligence Lawyers | Compensation Claim results in $40,000 payout | Compensation Lawyers Sydney

TPD Benefit with Superannuation fund SmartSave claim success | $108,000 TPD Benefit Payout | Superannuation Lawyers Sydney

peter kaiser simpson TPD Claim results in full payout by CBUS | TPD Claims Lawyers | Compensation Lawyers

peter kaiser simpson Slip n fall on tiles outside school results in $73,000 occupiers’ liability payout | Negligence Lawyers | Compensation Lawyers

TPD Benefit Claim with Australian Super pays out $154,000 to member | TPD Claims | Depression and Illness | TPD Lawyers

peter kaiser simpson Scooter rider hit by vehicle in Alexandria wins $425,000 in damages | Car Accident Lawyers Sydney | Compensation

TPD Benefit claim with Australian Super pays out $154,000 to our client | TPD Claims Australia | Depression and Illness

Scooter rider hit by vehicle in Alexandria wins $425,000 in damages.

Man injured in Sydney hang glider accident seeks out the best negligence lawyers in Australia | Accident and injury lawyers NSW

peter kaiser simpson The people of Australia and NSW have won over half a billion dollars in compensation with PK Simpson Injury Compensation |

CTP insurance in NSW allows you to claim compensation for injuries sustained on Sydney roads, even if you are a passenger in a vehicle at fault.

t is possible for anyone to submit a claim for TPD but in many situations less than the full amount will be paid out. That is why it is essential to have a TPD lawyer to be confident you are getting the maximum amount.

peter kaiser simpson Car accident in Connells Point, NSW, results in compensation payout of over $900,000 for injured driver.

peter kaiser simpson Many clients transfer their Workers Compensation claims to PK Simpson becuase they know they have a better chance of reaching the 11% threshold with us | WIRO Preferred Work Injury Lawyers

peter kaiser simpson In order to claim a lump sum payment from a work injury in NSW you must have over 15% whole person impairment | WID Workers Compensation Lawyers Sydney

peter kaiser simpson Couple suffer injuries from car accident in Randwick/ Coogee | CTP Claims | Car Accident Lawyers | Eastern Suburbs | Sydney

Slip and fall in supermarkets and shopping centres resulting in physical injuries can mean you can make a negligence compensation claim against the occupier of the building of facility | Negligence Claims Lawyers | Public Liability Lawyers Sydney and NSW

Driver suffers injury to back, including whiplash after being rear ended in an accident at Arundel Park. Car accident claim with us results in $97,000 payout to client.

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