PK Simpson Recent Wins and Compensation Results

Our compensation lawyers at PK Simpson win 99 per cent of our clients’ cases. Among some of our recent wins include a case in New South Wales where our client received over $1million in a medical negligence claim against the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. Also, one of our workers compensation cases won a glass doors installer a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) compensation amount of $245,000 for a back injury.

We represent people who have suffered an injury or impairment at work, in a road accident, through medical negligence or in public or private places to win serious injury claim payouts.

Recent Wins


Some other recent wins for PK Simpson include a case where a young woman tripped on a step at Blacktown Shopping Centre and sustained an injury. The step was found to be unsafe and without a handrail. A claim under Occupiers’ Liability resulted in a huge payout for our client. And another claim under Occupiers’ Liability involving a ‘slip fall’ on a wet floor at Bankstown Shopping Centre resulted in a $50,000 payout to our client.

Motor Vehicle Accident Payouts


If you have had a car accident and your resultant injuries have prevented you from working for the ensuing three to six months, you should consult PK Simpson and discuss your options for pursuing a TPD/superannuation claim.

This is what the victim of a car accident in Connells Point, NSW did and the result was a  compensation payout of more than $900,000 for that injured driver.

We pay for all your medicals so there’s less financial strain on. The PK Simpson law firm also operates on a No WIn No Fee basis for clients in NSW and Australia-wide.

Workers Compensation Cases Won


If you can’t work due to a psychological condition you could be eligible to claim TPD. These claims are also called superannuation payouts. An example is one of our clients, a forklift operator, who won $100,000 TPD after a work accident.  And a garbage collector who was injured and received $250,000 in a Workers Compensation payout.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, call PK Simpson today on 1300 757467 for advice from one of our compensation lawyers today.

Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney | Slip n fall claim against the shopping centers owner results in lump sum payout to our client.

NSW CTP Compensation Claims | Accident on m7 near Bella Vista | 11% lump sum threshold overcome which enables our client to claim lump sum compensation of $175,000.

Woman stumbles and falls into a ditch at Penrith pool centre | Suffers injuries to arm, hip and knee | Lump sum claim of over $150k paid to client by insurer

NSW CTP Compensation Claims | Greystanes, NSW | PK Simpson helps client overcome Non-Minor injury threshold resulting in $165,000 lump sum payout.

Aware Super & Tal | TPD Superannuation Claims | NSW ex-police officer receives lump sum payout for psychological injuries as well as Police Blue Ribbon benefit insurance.

Medical Negligence claim against Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick results in over a million dollars in compensation to our client.

Sun Super Assist TPD Claims | Instalment payment successfully overturned forcing Sunsuper to pay 8x the amount meaning a TPD lump sum benefit direct to truck driver.

Adelaide truck driver unable to drive trucks due to bad back | Results in full TPD Benefit payout with SA Super.

Sydney warehouse storeman receives 3 TPD benefits in full | AMP Super | Care Super | Australian Super | Total and Permanent Disability Claims PK Simpson.

MLC Super pays out TPD benefit to South Australian vineyard worker.

Melbourne woman in 40’s with psychological injuries receives full BT Super TPD benefit.

Adelaide Council Worker with arthritis and bad back receives full TPD benefit from Caresuper.

Disability Support Worker in Sydney claims First State Super TPD insurance – Results in over $300,000 benefit paid out in full.

Man in his 40’s with bad back claims TPD insurance with PK Simpson. TPD benefit paid out in full.

Young woman trips on step at Blacktown shopping center and injures herself. The step was held to be unsafe with no hand rail. Occupiers’Liability claim results in huge payout.

Medical Negligence claim results in $1.2 million payout to our client. The medical malpractice happened at Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick.

Slip and fall on wet floor at Bankstown Shopping Centre results in $50,000 occupiers liability payout to our client.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Claim with REI Super – Psychological Injury claim results in full benefit approval of $400,000.

Total permanent and disability claim with TWU Super results in full benefit payout for ex sheep shearer.

Glass door installer with injuries to back claims Total and Permanent Disability | ANZ Smart Choice TPD – $245,000.

Vascular disease in legs from smoking results in inability to work | Labourer | CBUS Super TPD payout successful $80,000.

Injuries sustained in motor bike accident in Sydney | Man can’t go back to usual occupation | Hostplus TPD $226,000.

$200,000 AMP Signature Super TPD benefit – Bullying at works leads to depression and anxiety resulting in TPD.

South Australian rail road worker with arthritis and back injuries claims TPD.

Psychological injuries | TPD Claims can be difficult in these circumstances. | Make sure you have us on your side.

Warehouse store man with neck issues cannot operate forklifts or do physical labour | $207,000 AMP Super TPD payout.

Adelaide truck driver with bad back and knees | $60,000 TPD | TWU Super.

Welder blind in one eye | Multiple TPD claims with AMP, Australian Super and CBUS Super.

Contact us within 6 months of being involved in a car accident | Car Accident Lawyer Sydney | Time limits apply

Motorcycle rider struck by another vehicle in Liverpool results in $250,000 compensation claim payout | Car Accident Lawyers Sydney | Compensation Lawyers Sydney

Man twists leg on warning sign which had fallen flat on ground | Negligence Lawyers | Compensation Claim results in $40,000 payout | Compensation Lawyers Sydney

TPD Benefit with Superannuation fund SmartSave claim success | $108,000 TPD Benefit Payout | Superannuation Lawyers Sydney

TPD Claim results in full payout by CBUS | TPD Claims Lawyers | Compensation Lawyers

 Slip n fall on tiles outside school results in $73,000 occupiers’ liability payout | Negligence Lawyers | Compensation Lawyers

TPD Benefit Claim with Australian Super pays out $154,000 to member | TPD Claims | Depression and Illness | TPD Lawyers

Scooter rider hit by vehicle in Alexandria wins $425,000 in damages | Car Accident Lawyers Sydney | Compensation

TPD Benefit claim with Australian Super pays out $154,000 to our client | TPD Claims Australia | Depression and Illness

Scooter rider hit by vehicle in Alexandria wins $425,000 in damages.

Man injured in Sydney hang glider accident seeks out the best negligence lawyers in Australia | Accident and injury lawyers NSW

 The people of Australia and NSW have won over half a billion dollars in compensation with PK Simpson Injury Compensation |

CTP insurance in NSW allows you to claim compensation for injuries sustained on Sydney roads, even if you are a passenger in a vehicle at fault.

It is possible for anyone to submit a claim for TPD but in many situations less than the full amount will be paid out. That is why it is essential to have a TPD lawyer to be confident you are getting the maximum amount.

 Car accident in Connells Point, NSW, results in compensation payout of over $900,000 for injured driver.

 Many clients transfer their Workers Compensation claims to PK Simpson becuase they know they have a better chance of reaching the 11% threshold with us | WIRO Preferred Work Injury Lawyers

In order to claim a lump sum payment from a work injury in NSW you must have over 15% whole person impairment | WID Workers Compensation Lawyers Sydney

 Couple suffer injuries from car accident in Randwick/ Coogee | CTP Claims | Car Accident Lawyers | Eastern Suburbs | Sydney

Slip and fall in supermarkets and shopping centres resulting in physical injuries can mean you can make a negligence compensation claim against the occupier of the building of facility | Negligence Claims Lawyers | Public Liability Lawyers Sydney and NSW

Driver suffers injury to back, including whiplash after being rear ended in an accident at Arundel Park. Car accident claim with us results in $97,000 payout to client.