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If you’ve been injured in a public transport accident in New South Wales, whether you’re a driver or passenger in a bus, tram, taxi or the like, you may be eligible to make a public transport accident claim. Compensation can help with the expenses involved in the treatment of injuries sustained in public transport accidents, and you may be able to claim for physical and also psychological injuries.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert public transport road accident lawyers at PK Simpson so we can help you with your compensation claim and ensure you get the benefits and payments you deserve.

Injured in a public transport accident?

In New South Wales, it is compulsory for all registered vehicles to have third party insurance to cover any road or public transport accident claims. This means that any person injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident will be covered for their personal injury. As personal injury lawyers, we also help injured people in public transport accidents where the vehicle at fault is unknown or unregistered.

There are strict time limits and procedural requirements that apply to making a third party claim in New South Wales whether for injury sustained in road or public transport accidents. PK Simpson’s motor vehicle accident experts can help you navigate the process involved in a road or public transport accident claim with ease to ensure that you obtain the best possible result.

Two simple questions to ask yourself

  1. Were you involved in a motor vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault?
  2. Did you suffer an injury from the accident?

If you answered yes to both of these then it is likely you will get compensation for your injuries.

What kind of compensation can I expect?

Pain and suffering

Future Economic Loss

Wages Lost

    What to do if you’ve been injured in a public transport accident

    If you have been injured in a road accident you should act immediately. Time limits apply to the making of a claim and there must be adherence to various procedural requirements.

    Contact P K Simpson and talk to us today. You may also make other claims concerning your work life and superannuation funds. As a personal injury law firm we will make sure your benefits are maximised so your life is improved.

    To get the best result possible make sure you contact the motor vehicle accident experts at PK Simpson Lawyers. Our motor vehicle experts have represented thousands of clients in successful motor vehicle accident claims in NSW. Call our expert CTP claims team today on 02 9299 1424.

    The public transport accident was due to a sudden failure or illness

    Traffic accidents can be considered “blameless”; meaning it was the result of a sudden, unexpected illness or vehicle failure. Do not worry. Contact us and our expert motor vehicle accident team will set the wheels in motion for you.

    We also specialise in late claims for those who wish to seek compensation, ie, when a person who suffered serious injuries as a result of a private vehicle crash, a bus accident, or one involving another public transport vehicle and needed medical treatment has not contacted a lawyer within 6 months.

    Frequently asked questions

    What do you do after a car accident in Australia?2022-10-20T08:25:32+10:00

    If you’ve had a motor car accident, stop your vehicle and turn on your hazard lights. Make sure nobody is injured, and if so, call emergency 000 and remain at the scene of the accident. If it’s a minor incident you don’t need to call the police, but move the damaged cars if possible. Never admit responsibility even if you think you were at fault. Collect name, address, registration number and insurance details from the other parties and get witness details if possible and report the accident to your insurer.

    How long does it take to make a motor vehicle accident compensation claim?2022-10-20T08:26:08+10:00

    Motor accident compensation claims are normally finalised after you’ve recovered, or your injuries have stabilised. It can take some people longer to recover than others – from days to years – which determines the length of time it can take to finalise a claim. Also, your injuries may not always appear immediately after the accident and can take some time to appear, in some cases, years.

    Who is at fault in a car park accident?2022-10-20T08:26:32+10:00

    In a carpark, anyone driving in the lanes has the right of way, so if you’re the one pulling out of the car space and hit another motor vehicle, you are likely to be the majority at fault in the accident. However, since both cars are moving, both drivers might hold some responsibility. But if you hit a parked car, you are likely at fault.

    How long after a car accident can you claim in Australia?2022-10-20T08:26:53+10:00

    When lodging a claim for compensation after a motor vehicle accident it’s best to do it as soon as possible. However, it isn’t always feasible if you were severely injured and couldn’t file a claim straight away. There are time limits, however, so get someone to call a lawyer at PK Simpson for you to lodge a claim at least within six months of the crash.

    How long do you have to make a personal injury2022-10-20T08:27:30+10:00

    The length of time you have to make your claim depends on the jurisdiction.

    For instance:

    • TPD claims – these may be commenced up to 10 years after you’ve stopped work. TPD claims are very technical and you may have more than one TPD claim.
    • Car accident claims – A personal injury claim form should be filled in and sent to your CTP insurer as early as possible, but must be no later than six months from the date of your accident. HOWEVER, out of time claims may be made. New NSW CTP laws have made it difficult for injured people and many law firms still do not understand how to run new claims under these laws – so call us at PK Simpson Sydney as soon as possible.
    • Workers compensation claims – You should contact a lawyer within six months of the accident. But remember, out of time claims can be handled by PK Simpson Sydney. We can help you get the treatment required to build your claim.
    • Slip ‘n’ fall/occupiers liability claims – Your claim must be lodged usually within three years of the date of your accident.

    Medical Negligence – within three years of the date of when the cause of action was discoverable to our client OR 12 years from the time of the act or omission by a health professional which caused the injury through negligence.

    How much does it cost me to make a motor vehicle accident compensation claim?2022-10-20T08:28:00+10:00
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