Making a claim against your total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance is something that every individual needs to consider, especially if it is having a significant impact on their ability to work. As part of this process, it is important to seek the advice of a medical expert in their field to give your application the best chance of success.

Expert medical opinions are needed to support a TPD insurance claim.

Expert medical opinions are needed to support a TPD insurance claim.

As part of the process of making a claim against your superannuation’s TPD insurance policy, you will need to be examined by an independent specialist. They will be required to compile a medico-legal report detailing the extent of your injuries. A consultation is organised by your insurer as well as your lawyer which provides important evidence to support your application.

The final report will then be combined with the medical records your treating practitioner has assembled and used as supporting evidence when making a TPD claim.

While consulting with an independent specialist is part of the claims process, individuals should also consider getting in contact with an expert at the diagnosis stage. For conditions like depression, seeking the advice of a specialised psychologist or psychiatrist can provide a more comprehensive diagnosis than a general practitioner, for example.

This specialised advice can not only ensure your claim is properly processed, it can also help support your application when you submit this with your insurance provider.

Having the right medical advice is an important step in making a superannuation TPD insurance claim. Equally valuable though, is to have the right legal advice at every stage of the process. Working with an injury lawyer can ensure you have the support to lodge an application and see it through to settlement.

If you are concerned that your injuries will mean you cannot work for six months or more, and you would like to know more about the important role medical specialists play in a claim, make sure to consult with a compensation lawyer today.