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There are hundreds of car accidents in Sydney every week. Most result only in damage to vehicles and property but a few end more seriously, with injury to drivers, passengers and others people on the road. When you are injured in an accident on the road, you have a right to compensation.

Third party insurance in New South Wales is compulsory and covers all drivers. Claims made for an injury suffered after an accident can be called a CTP Claim or an MVA Claim. As a passenger in a vehicle, if you are injured, you can claim compensation even if the driver of your vehicle was at fault. Please listen to the short video below and then give us a call to have chat and discover options available to you.

A lesser known MVA Claim is one where fork lifts are involved. Being a vehicle, fork lifts also fall within CTP insurance laws. Fork lifts can be decieving for many people as they can move faster than what you’d expect especially if you are not accustomed to being around them. The vehicles are also prone to stoppnig and starting and can carry large loads which limits the drivers visibility and creates blind spots.

Contact us for more information if you are injured on the road. Talk to one of our experienced compensation lawyers today.

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