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The Sydney cosmopolitan area makes up 67% of all car accidents involving injuries in NSW. Being the area where most traffic accidents occur it makes sense that CTP injury compensation claims involving lawyers is highest here. The compensation claims within the Sydney region can be serious but when compared to the rest of NSW, the more serious injuries happen on open highways and country roads outside of Sydney. It is wise to contact car accident lawyers Sydney after a traffic accident.

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Country NSW / Newcastle And The Central Coast

The amount of car accidents in country NSW drops considerably although the seriousness of accidents and the injuries sustained by drivers and passengers dramatically increases. 16% of all car accidents involving a compensation claim on roads happen in country NSW. Followed up by Newcastle and the Central Coast region which make up 10% of car accident compensation claims.

Why Is It Necessary To Make A Claim With Car Accident Lawyers Sydney?

In NSW it is possible to lodge a claim with your CTP insurer. The information you need is:

  • the registration details of the vehicle that was at fault;
  • a police incident report number.

Your insurer can pay your treatment expenses and lost earnings. Treatment expenses are those which are deemed ‘reasonable and necessary’ and ‘related to the injuries caused by the motor accident’.

A time limit of 6 months applies in which an injured individual must bring his/her claim. ‘Out of time’ claims can still be processed. You should contact us immediately (car accident lawyers Sydney) if you think you have an ‘out of time’ car accident compensation claim.

As you can see, whether or not the insurer wants to pay and how much depends on the severity of your injury and legal argument. The difference between compensation results is based on evidence to support your claim and being represented by a respected compensation law firm.

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