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//Not At Fault Car Accident Compensation

Our client was injured in a motor vehicle accident. The accident was caused by the fault of another vehicle and the Greenslip or compulsory third party insurer of that vehicle admitted liability.

Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck and lower back. He also developed secondary depression. Our client had been self-employed and as he was unable to continue to work after the accident, his business failed contributing further to his depression.

Our firm assisted our client in commencing a personal injury claim against the third-party insurer of the vehicle at fault. His matter settled quickly in less than twelve months with the client receiving nearly $150,000. Our client was happy with the outcome and relieved to finalise his matter and get on his with life.

PK Simpson Solicitors have been practicing in Sydney since 1977. During this time we have been helping the people of NSW get the maximum compensation they are entitled to. We assist in all personal injury matters as well as contesting wills. Our multicultural team and work culture is one of hard work and friendly service with respect for our clients regardless of nationality, job or income.

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