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About Us

We Pay For All Medical Reports

We maximise results by obtaining required specialist reports.

TPD Claims

Unable to work due to injury or illness? A variety of reasons can mean you are entititled to a TPD super payout.

Car Accidents

Injured in a car accident? Our experienced compensation lawyers will make sure your claim is handled correctly.

Word of Mouth

67% of our new clients come to us via word of mouth. 33% come to us because they’ve seen our ads.

No Win No Fee*

Where ever and how ever your injury happened it is always worth talking to us. Don’t settle for second best.

Accidents in Public

Injured in a shopping center, at the supermarket, or a slip, trip and fall due to another’s mistake.

What Our Clients are saying

Be treated with understanding, compassion and the respect you deserve.
We will strive to get the best results for you, save you time, money and further emotional stress.

I would certainly recommend your company to anybody that I know or hear about who had a work related injury. Again many thanks to my lawyer, PK and everyone that helped over the phone.

Abdul, Lakemba

I am writing this letter to compliment you on your law firm and my lawyer. I’d like to thank you for finalising a difficult situation and getting me a favourable outcome. When I first rung I did not expect a return call and was surprised and thankful when you contacted me. Since then everything has been very smooth and your proactive approach in contacting me, and I’m sure all your clients, kept me very happy and calm throughout.

Lenore, Mascot

Thank you to my lawyer and his team for taking care of me. Thank you PK Simpson Compensation Lawyers.

Matthew, Concord
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