Suffering an injury at work can have drastic consequences on you and your family.

New South Wales has laws in place to help injured workers. The New South Wales workers’ compensation scheme provides injured workers with medical treatment and monetary compensation. Due to the complexity of the law and need for medical evidence as well as dealing with insurers, the best way to navigate and come out successful from an injury claim is to contact experienced and professional compensation solicitors.

If you’re injured at work in NSW, contact our office in Sydney. The earlier you make the call and get advice, the better.

Our office is a full service compensation firm meaning we deal in all areas of injury compensation. For example, an injury at work can result in a workers’ compensation claim which can then turn into a whole injury damages (WID) claim and a superannuation (TPD) claim. Our solicitors are experts in their fields and will often specialise in only one jurisdiciton meaning you are recieving the best advice possible.

Our No Win No Fee legal representatives will get you on the right path. We’ve helped injured people from all over NSW make claims and often apply for further claims.

Contact our team today to talk about your situation.