Our client was riding his pushbike to work when he was injured in a motor vehicle accident. Our client alleged that the vehicle at fault had run him off the road causing him to collide with a fence and suffer serious injury to his left upper limb.

The vehicle alleged to be at fault in this accident was unable to be identified. This required a claim being brought against the Nominal Defendant. To clarify, The Nominal Defendant is not a physical entity. It is a scheme which receives claims where the vehicle at fault cannot be identified or is unregistered. A claim can be brought against the Nominal Defendant after a robust effort has been made to identify the vehicle and driver at fault.

As well as the motor vehicle claim, our client was fortunate to be covered by workers compensation as he was on his way to work. The workers compensation insurer paid for his medical treatment and wages.

Liability was denied in this matter and proceedings were filed in the District Court. The matter became further complicated as our client was unfortunately injured in two further accidents both of which involved him suffering injury to the same part of his body. The vehicles at fault in both the second and the third accident were able to be identified however whilst the insurer of the third accident admitted fault, the insurer of the second accident also denied liability. Further proceedings in relation to the second accident were also filed in the District Court.

All three matters were eventually resolved with the client receiving over $100,000 in addition to the over $170,000 he had already received through the workers compensation insurer.

Our client was happy to resolve the three matters and to be in a position to get on with his life.

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