The popularity of bike riding as a sport coupled with society’s heightened environmental awareness has seen bike usage sky rocket on roads around the world. In Amsterdam a conscious effort to promote bike usage has been established since the 1960’s which means today more than half of all trips in Amsterdam central are by bike. Today, many cities are trying to catch up and make riding a bike a more enjoyable and safer experience for city dwellers. Sydney is right on the heels of this global push, creating bike lanes and paths throughout the city.

The purpose built bike paths are not a problem for cyclists or motorists but as both will tell you, it’s the bike lanes introduced to roads that are a cause for concern.

Unfortunately, with the increase of bike usage, traffic accidents involving bikes have risen.

Here are some handy tips for bike riders, as well as drivers.

  • When passing a bike rider give them at least 1 metre of space. If you are travelling over 50km/hr make sure to widen that space.
  • Check your rear view and side mirror to avoid opening your door into the path of a bike rider.
  • Bike riders are allowed to ride two abreast and no more.
  • Bike riders are considered a vehicle and therefore must obey many of the same rules as Drivers.
  • When changing direction bike riders must signal with their hands.
  • Bike riders are allowed to travel in bus lanes and transit lanes.

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