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    Under the Workers’ Compensation Scheme, you may be entitled to benefits and compensation if you’ve suffered an injury in your workplace or contracted an illness through doing your job. Every Australian worker is covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance, which their employer is compelled by law to have in place.  You should feel a sense of safety, and that you’re protected from harm in your workplace. But in the unfortunate event that you are injured at work, or if you contract an illness that affects your physical or emotional health, or your finances and prevents you from doing your job, it can be devastating. That’s why the Workers’ Compensation Scheme exists, to help you recover and get back to work.  PK Simpson lawyers are Workers’ Compensation specialists, and we can help you make sense of all the changes in Legislation, and explain the process of making a claim to receive the benefits you deserve.

    For more than 35 years, PK Simpson lawyers have helped injured workers of NSW to make injury and accident claims to get the Workers’ Compensation benefits they are entitled to receive. We’ve successfully helped thousands of workers get their lives back on track. That’s one of our specialities!

    Workers Compensation Lawyer

    Do I Need a Lawyer For My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

    The different States and Territories of Australia have different rules governing their schemes, but if you’ve been injured at work or on your way to or from work in NSW, you need to talk to our expert lawyers about Workers’ Compensation. You may be entitled to a range of benefits under the scheme, which is there to help you through the hard times after a work-related injury or illness.  You may have many hurdles to overcome after an injury or illness, and our lawyers at PK Simpson can help you get through it.

    There are many circumstances where you might need legal advice because every Workers Compensation claim is different. Perhaps you’ve recently been injured, or you’ve lodged your claim but have run into obstacles; even if your claim has been refused, or payments have stopped, we can help.  We will be there with you through thick and thin, providing understanding, support, compassion and flexibility. We take care of the legal part while you take care of your health while you recover.  Whether you’ve just been injured, or have run into trouble after years of receiving Workers’ Compensation payments, we can help you with legal advice. We can help you if:

    • You’ve sustained a workplace injury or illness and don’t know what to do
    • You don’t know how to go about making a claim
    • Your employer is trying to make you go back to work
    • You haven’t been paid properly
    • Your boss’ insurer is taking forever to respond or won’t pay for your treatment
    • And more…


    All Workers’ Compensation claims in NSW are government funded, meaning you do not pay any fees for legal representation or advice, so if you make a claim, your lawyer is paid by the WIRO.

    Workers Compensation Lawyer
    Worker Compensation
    Worker Compensation

    What Injuries Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

    While your employer has a duty of care and must provide a safe workplace, accidents still happen, and there are many hazards common to work sites that can contribute to an injury or illness and are covered by Worker’s Compensation. These include:

    • Fall injuries
    • Lifting injuries
    • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
    • Construction site accidents
    • Malfunctioning machine accidents
    • Hearing loss
    • Mental health Injuries

    Will I Get Full Pay on Workers Compensation?

    Under the Workers’ Compensation Scheme, you may be entitled to the following benefits if you’ve been injured, or become ill at work:

    • Payments made weekly covering income loss
    • Medical and other health costs
    • Superannuation losses
    • Rehabilitation costs
    • In some cases, a lump sum payment
    • Damages payments for economic loss and pain and suffering

    At PK Simpson, we represent anyone with a viable Workers’ Compensation claim, whether large or small, arising from injury or illness suffered at work.

    Workers’ Compensation

    How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

    Workers’ Compensation is basically an insurance policy that’s compulsory for employers. The WorkCover authority in each State appoints agents, which are insurance companies, to manage claims. This means during your claims process, the insurance company and your employer will be in contact with you and should a dispute arise, you might find it difficult winning such an unequal battle. But with PK Simpson lawyers working for you it definitely levels the playing field in your favour.  Our lawyers know all the tricks of the insurance trade after working on these cases for years and winning them.

    PK Simpson prides itself on being a firm that can help you with any claim for Workers’ Compensation, so call us today or enquire online so we can help you through the maze and explain what you should do in your particular situation. Phone us on 1300 757 467 or email

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