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//4 Ways Your Car Accident Compensation Lawyer Can Help

Accidents happen. It’s obviously the last thing we want to happen to us or our families. Unfortunately, we can only control our own actions – our driving or our work. The rest is up to our fellow driver or colleague. When a car accident happens, how prepared are you? Have you considered talking to car accident lawyers just to understand the process or your rights? PK Simpson Injury Compensation Lawyers can assess your claim and assist you in getting the best possible result.

Here’s how a compensation lawyer like us could help:

1. We have over 37 years of experience. In Australia, we’re considered one of the most longest standing personal injury law firms. Our expertise ranges from contesting wills, insurance disputes, medical malpractice, public or private injury, illness, work injuries, car accidents to slip ‘n fall disputes. We work on a variety of liability claims and treat every client with utmost understanding, respect and compassion. Our experience can give you the most favorable outcome, while central aim is to save you from stress and maximize your time and money.


2. We operate on a “No win, no fee” basis. We ensure that should an unexpected road accident happen to you would not have to pay any fees upfront. We seek to give every Australian a fair access to legal representation, especially in the event of injury. This is the reason we only collect a fee if we are successful in winning your case. You have no need to worry, PK Simpson has more than enough credentials to guide you in making a solid claim.


3. We inform, communicate, and update. We keep our clients up-to-date and communicate as necessary through to the conclusion of your case. Making car accident claims involves several steps, where we guide our clients. Here is an overview of the process experts in the team.

  • Firstly, you must file an incident report with the police. Some exceptions to this general rule would be the absence of injured persons and the vehicle didn’t need towing.
  • Be sure to get the registration details of the other vehicle involved. In cases, such as hit and run or perhaps an unregistered car, you need to file against the Nominal Defendant.
  • Ask a professional to fill in the appropriate sections of the claim document. For instance, the medical certificate section need to be filled out by a doctor and so on.
  • Complete all parts of the claim form and ensure they’re answered as accurately as possible.
  • Contact the insurer of the other vehicle so they are aware a claim will arise. If are at fault, be prepared that the other party will be making a claim as well.


4. We have dealt with a variety if claim concerns. As car accident lawyers, we have had our fair share of experiences. If you’re in New South Wales, all registered vehicles need to have a third-party insurance, as this is the law. Since there are strict limitations and procedural requirements when making a third-party claim in New South Wales, our experts at PK Simpson is here to assist you in going through the entire process with ease.

We usually start our assessment with the following questions:

  • Have you been involved with any vehicular accidents, which are essentially not your fault?
  • Were you injured at all in the said accident?

Once these questions are established, we can further asses if you are eligible for a compensation. We understand that clients already have a lot of stress and perhaps, pain from accident. That’s why we’ll see to it that your case is handled with sensitivity and care. As your personal injury lawyer, PK Simpson will be there every step of the way – updating you with regards to the progress of your case.

For more information on car accident claims and PK Simpson, get in touch with us at 02 9299 1424 or email us at We’ll be glad to speak with you today.

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