We are proud of our cultural diversity at PK Simpson. We speak over 15 languages, from Arabic to Spanish to Chinese to the native tongue of Zambia, and chances are you will find someone that understands your story and knows where you are coming from. Many of our clients speak English as a second language and really appreciate our cultural awareness and ability to understand all aspects of their claim. 

To extend a warm welcome to all ethnicities we will be posting messages written by our multi-lingual staff. We hope you enjoy! To kick it off we have a short message from our Samoan community. 

These messages will also be posted to our Facebook page, which is growing in numbers everyday and becoming another way in which we connect to the wider community. Just search PK Simpson Compensation Lawyers on Facebook. You can also message us via Facebook and we will answer your questions within a few hours.

If you’ve suffered an injury from an accident and need a Samoan speaking lawyer, come to PK Simpson.

Malo le soifua, ma le lagi māmā!

I le 36 tausaga o le matou auaunaga i le tu’uina atu o apoapoaiga, e tatau fa’alemalo, mo tagata lautele ae fa’atino fa’apitoa mo tagata mai le pasefika ae faapitoa mo tagata Samoa i totonu o Sydney ma NSW.

Afai o iai sou faafitauli i mea tau tulafono, i totonu o galuega e mafai ona e valaau mai ia PK Simpson & Co mo se fesoasoani.

Afai ua ova le 6 masina talu ona e le faigaluega ona o se faalavelave na tupu ia te oe i totonu o galuega e mafai ona matou fesoasoani atu.

Vili mai, pe asiasi mai i luga o le website.
Thanks to Petania, Roini and Ula from PK Simpson Lawyers for translating.