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As an emergency services worker in NSW, you can claim compensation if you’ve suffered a physical and psychological injury on duty as an ambulance paramedic, you’re medically retired, or no duties that you can reasonably perform can be found for you.

Ambulance injury compensation and occupational injury claims by other emergency workers come under a set of rules that are unlike other workers.

The risk of serious ambulance injury among paramedics in Australia (1) was over seven times higher than the national average and the rate of fatalities was around six times higher.

What kind of compensation can I expect?

Pain and suffering

Future Economic Loss

Wages Lost

    Amendments to Workers’ Compensation in 2012

    In NSW, significant amendments were made to the Workers Compensation Scheme in 2012. However, workers in the following professions were deemed exempt from these changes.

    The amendments led to a reduced amount of compensation potentially available to other injured workers. The exempt workers are the following:

    • Ambulance officers and paramedics, but not St John’s Ambulance Service employees.
    • Serving police officers but not workers for the NSW Police Force employed in other capacities.
    • Coal Miners.
    • Firefighters (including volunteers).
    • Workers who make dust disease claims.
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    Exempt workers remain entitled to:

    • Compensation for pain and suffering
    • The entitlement to lifelong medical treatment
    • Appeal to the Workers Compensation Commission regarding decisions made by an insurer to reduce or stop weekly payments.

    Volunteer State Emergency Service, Rural Fire Service, Marine Rescue and Surf Lifesaver compensation in NSW is a different and complex ball game that we are not covering here.

    We’ll Get Your Full Compensation Entitlements

    We know how dangerous your job as a paramedic can be, the threats to your occupational safety and the increased risk of both physical and psychological injury you face every day you respond to emergency calls.

    We had a paramedic client who was called to a scene where a person armed with a shotgun needed medical attention. The paramedic was in immediate danger of being shot and suffered PTSD as a result of the trauma. Other paramedics have actually been stabbed and shot, knocked out by a king hit, and seriously psychologically and physically assaulted.

    We’ve Helped Countless Paramedics Suffering Occupational Injury

    Our ambulance injury claim lawyers at PK Simpson have helped countless ambulance workers who suffered either a physical or psychological injury while on duty to win the compensation they deserve. We fully comprehend that as an ambulance paramedic, your injury compensation entitlements are unique.

    Call PK Simpson ambulance injury compensation lawyers today so we can help you find out what you can claim.

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    Personal Injury Lawyer for NSW Ambulance Paramedics

    At PK Simpson, we are a firm of personal injury lawyers who take on ambulance officers, police and firefighters’ cases and we know they are not about simply lodging a workers’ compensation claim for occupational injuries.

    There are different and specific regulations for this group’s ambulance injury workers’ compensation, income protection and total and permanent disability (TPD).

    NSW Ambulance Injury Claims Experts

    However, the problem often arises where their ambulance injury claims for physical and psychological injury are not treated as they should be, and things go wrong because they’re processed as if they are just like any workers’ compensation claim.

    Ambulance injury claim lawyers such as our experts at PK Simpson are well versed in the complexities of this kind of compensation law and all the different amendments to the Act. We are experienced at handling emergency services claims and we ensure you receive absolutely every entitlement available to you.

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    The Compensation Injured Paramedics Can Claim

    For paramedics, many common risks of ambulance injury include death or injury from motor vehicle incidents and assault from members of the public.

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the reported paramedic injury rates have risen since ambulance personnel have been in the firing line from people who raged against restrictions and mandated mask-wearing, with ambos often becoming the victims of serious assaults from people they were trying to help get to hospital emergency departments.

    Occupational Injury Compensation

    As an ambulance paramedic, you can claim paramedic occupational injury compensation for physical or psychological injuries that may have resulted from a range of circumstances, including: Bodily and psychological stress and overexertion, violence and assault, and being exposed to harmful substances.

    Depending on your circumstances, mental health issues or musculoskeletal injuries arising from the incident or accident, you may be entitled to claim:

    • Weekly benefits to recoup lost wages and medical or other treatment expenses associated with your occupational injuries while working as a paramedic.
    • A lump sum payment for permanent impairment while working for ambulance services as a paramedic.
    • A common law damages lump sum settlement payment concerning paramedic injury events.
    • A TPD lump sum payment through your Superannuation fund.

    See your GP after any sort of injury at work. Medical evidence is vital to all compensation claims in terms of how and when it was caused and the extent of injury. Your injuries may deteriorate over time as well and treatment notes will clarify this. You should report your injuries to your employer as soon as possible after it occurs.

    You Need NSW Ambulance Injury Expert Lawyers on Your Side

    Having workers’ compensation lawyers such as ours at PK Simpson on your case is vital. We have extensive knowledge about compensation claims by ambulance officers who suffered due to traumatic events.

    We can ensure you can access everything you may be entitled to, including future treatment expenses and lump-sum paramedic injury payouts. We will do everything possible to ensure you get all the compensation and even some benefits you were probably unaware you were entitled to receive.

    NSW Ambulance Services Injury Solicitors

    One of our ambulance injury solicitors can take care of your claim for occupational injury compensation from beginning to end and on a no-win-no-fee basis. We can challenge a negative decision by an insurer if any part of your claim is denied, and check your Superannuation policy to make sure you’re eligible for a lump sum TPD payment.

    Contact PK Simpson today at 1300 757 467 so we can help with your police injury workers’ compensation claim. 


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