On December 31 2017, an estimated 8,000 injured workers in NSW lost their weekly benefits due to changes made to workers’ compensation laws brought in by the state in 2012.

As part of the reforms, the NSW Government ditched WorkCover and set up a new body called the Workers’ Compensation Independent Review Office or WIRO, headed by Kim Garling, to reform the state’s workers’ compensation system.

According to the new legislation, unless workers could show a minimum of 20 per cent impairment levels by December 31, 2017, they lost their compensation payments, even though they were unfit for work and could have been reliant on daily pain management medication.

Many saw the changes as unfair because during the reforms the government changed the legislation to end workers’ compensation benefits after five years for most of the injured workers, even if the injuries had previously made them eligible for lifetime support before the legislation was changed.

What services does WIRO now provide?

Injured workers are now provided with the help they need when making complaints against insurers and super funds so they can have their cases resolved fairly and as quickly as possible.

To do this there is in place:

  • The Independent Legal Assistance Review Service (ILARS)

To make sure you have all the help you need to resolve a dispute, WIRO can supply you with a grant to access independent legal advice.

  • Employer complaints

Employers wishing to resolve a complaint against their insurer in relation to NSW workers compensation are provided with assistance by WIRO.

This includes complaints concerning:

  1. The calculation of a premium
  2. The acceptance of liability
  3. The usual handling and management claims

WIRO also makes inquiries into situations arising from the operation of the Workers’ Compensation Acts. Forms can be downloaded or completed online on the WIRO website and emailed to ilarscontact@wiro.nsw.gov.au.

If you’ve been injured at work and feel you will be unfairly treated by the workers’ compensation laws, or you’re having trouble wading through the fine print, contact your personal injury/workers’ compensation lawyer at PK Simpson as soon as possible.

What does a workers’ comp lawyer do?

At PK Simpson, our personal injury lawyers pride themselves on taking on the most complex workers’ compensation cases, backed up by our No Win, No Fee basis and guarantee of total coverage on all medical expenses.

Apart from our No Win, No Fee guarantee which is of enormous help to our clients, we take care of all your compensation claim paperwork, forms and technical legal procedures for you. This means you can focus on getting back on your feet and receiving maximum compensation with peace of mind and complete confidence in the process and our lawyer’s skills.

For any questions regarding how we can help with your work-related compensation claim or personal injury, total and permanent disability (TPD) or other compensation-related dispute, get in touch with our team today.

Should I get a lawyer for workers compensation?

For most Australians, struggling with legal rules, and confusing legal jargon, the statutes of limitations or time limits, and the court system can add to the misery of a work-related injury or illness.

Legal jargon is notoriously near-impossible to understand unless you have a law degree! Lawyers spend years completing their studies to master complicated legislative language. The language used in workers’ compensation law is no exception, so you definitely need a legal expert on your side.

The lawyers at PK Simpson have seen it all. We’ve fought insurance companies for years and we know all the tricks and tangles they use to do injured workers out of the compensation they deserve. Having us on your side will make a world of difference to your recovery and rehabilitation.

Can you sue for workers comp?

If you sustain a workplace injury, your life can change in an instant. Medical bills quickly stack up and returning to work is sometimes out of the question. Apart from the obvious emotional stress, the financial pressures on you and your family can quickly take their toll.

Things can be a lot different is you launch a successful workers compensation claim with access to the ongoing support and care needed so you can make full recovery, get back to work and get your life back on track.

So yes, you can sue or make a claim for workers’ comp and do you need expert personal injury lawyers on your side? Yes indeed, because workers’ compensation claims and personal injury law are both complex and a lot depends on the circumstances of your accident, and where and how your injury occurred.

You need a workers compensation lawyer such as those in your team at PK Simpson so you can find out exactly what your rights and responsibilities are and what you are legally entitled to claim.

State insurance regulatory authority or SIRA

The government organisation in charge of the NSW workers compensation system is the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA), which assumed the insurance regulatory functions of WorkCover on September 1, 2015. SafeWork NSW regulates workplace health and safety in NSW.

How to apply for workers compensation

If you suffer a workplace injury, your life can change in a moment with medical bills quickly piling up, and the worry about no money coming in with a return to work is sometimes impossible.

The financial and emotional pressures placed on you and your loved ones can take also their toll. But a successful workers compensation claim can provide access to the ongoing care and support you need and are entitled to receive to make a full recovery and get back to work.

Do you need a workers comp lawyer on your side? Yes you do, because the laws surrounding workers compensation depend on where your injury occurred and the circumstances of your accident. This can make it difficult to know what your rights are and what you’re entitled to claim.

At PK Simpson Injury Compensation Lawyers, we operate on a No Win No Fee basis. We use professional medical experts who will work with you and our lawyers to ascertain your eligibility.  Contact us today to discuss on 1300 757 467 or email enquiries@PKSimpson.com.au.