Our client was in a supermarket where she slipped and fell. Our client was shopping in the supermarket just after it had opened for the day. She was in the fruit and vegetable section where she slipped in a pool of water left on the floor and fell to the ground. The fall in the shop caused our client to hurt her back quite badly.

Our client’s back injury needed extensive physiotherapy treatment to help relieve the pain and recovery. Luckily our client did not need any back surgery.

Since our client’s supermarket accident she has been unable to do her informal carer duties looking after her numerous grandchildren. This has been a financial and emotional strain on our client and her extended family through no fault of our client.

Our firm made an Occupiers Liability, or public place claim against the supermarket stating they needed to ensure there were no hazards to customers before the store opened and of course continuing throughout the day and night. The supermarket must ensure its customers do not suffer an injury due to their negligence.

We acted for our client by inviting the supermarket insurer to an Informal Settlement Conference to negotiate offers for compensation. At the end we agreed to a final offer of almost $45,000 to compensate our client for her injuries.

Our successful claim for Occupiers Liability against the supermarket resulted in an excellent settlement amount close to $45,000 for our injured client. Our client was extremely happy with the result.

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