Our client worked for a club. One of the club’s customers tried to strangle our client and caused serious physical and psychological injuries.

Our client’s work injuries related to the throat, neck and ability to speak. As a result of the workplace injury, our client also suffered significant trauma and psychological stress. This psychological work injury presented in our client as a permanently reduced speaking volume and deteriorated tone of voice down to a raspy, strained whisper.

Since the work accident our client has been unable to work due to the work injuries. The ability to communicate and work had been negatively affected as well as the lasting social stigma.

Our firm made the claim that the employer was negligent due to the employer’s lack of supervised assistance and a safe workplace for its employee, our client.

We acted for our client by applying for a court appointed mediation to negotiate settlement offers. The Defendant refused to participate in the mediation. Consequently our firm progressed the matter to the District Court. The actions of our firm prompted an offer from the Defendant to participate in an Informal Settlement Conference.  At the conclusion of negotiations at the Informal Settlement Conference our client accepted a final offer of $450,000.

Our successful claim for Work Injury Damages against the employer resulted in the excellent settlement amount of $450,000 for our injured client. Our client was happy with the result.

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