Our client was at her friend’s house who was hosting a party. Our client unfortunately tripped over the dog’s bedding rugs and fell heavily to the floor. Our client hurt her back and hand quite badly as she tried to stop herself from falling to the ground.

Our client’s back and hand injuries needed extensive physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation to help relieve the pain and recovery. Luckily our client did not need any back surgery.

The community may not be aware that accidents in public places such as a friend’s house can still receive compensation, if entitled. Indeed our client’s friend was protected by her house insurance policy which included Pubic Liability coverage.

Our firm made an Occupiers Liability, or public place claim against the insurer. We acted for our client by inviting the insurer to an Informal Settlement Conference to negotiate offers for compensation. At the end we agreed to a final offer of almost $125,000 to compensate our client for her injuries.

Our successful claim for Occupiers Liability resulted in an excellent settlement amount close to $125,000 for our injured client. Our client was happy with the result.

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