In the previous article we spoke about how a medical specialist can help you as an individual diagnose your injuries and how they help us build your case by providing irrefutable evidence of your injury.

What does it cost to see a Medical Specialist?

Medical specialists can work within the public healthcare system or the private healthcare system.

Their fees can vary on a number of things including:

  • whether or not they work in public hospitals or privately;
  • whether they bulk-bill under the Commonwealth Government’s Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS);
  • private health cover payment options like gap payment or reimbursement.

When Is Free To See a Medical Specialist?

Professional sports players often see the best specialists because their sporting clubs will foot the bill. ADF personnel are covered by the ADF health care system. WorkCover NSW can cover costs for people who have been injured at work but only to a certain extent. It can be very stressful and financially draining recovering from an injury on the road or at work.

How can PK help me with Medical Specialists?

If you have a compensation claim with PK Simpson, we will pay for medical fees associated with the claim, as well as make sure you get your compensation from the insurer or superannuation fund if it’s a TPD matter. That means you don’t pay any fees until we win your case.

When Do I Call PK?

Chat to PK when ever you want advice about an injury and possible compensation claim. You can chat to us on our website or phone us about your personal circumstances, a close friend or a family member. We have personnel dedicated to making sure your questions are answered and you are looked after. We want to make sure you are happy. Call us about accidents concerning motor vehicles, whether you’re a passenger, pedestrian or driver; slip and falls in shopping centers or public places; and accidents at work.