What You Must Tell Your Lawyer About Your Personal Injury Claim

//What You Must Tell Your Lawyer About Your Personal Injury Claim

What You Must Tell Your Lawyer About Your Personal Injury Claim

Nobody really wants to be in the position of needing to consult a lawyer for a personal injury claim, but it doesn’t have to be a harrowing experience. A good lawyer knows how to make you feel that you’re in safe hands and will do all they can to help you feel respected and comfortable. The lawyer-client relationship needs to be one of honesty, where you feel you can talk about anything and everything to do with your case and your lawyer knows they have all the information needed.  If you can be honest and open with your personal injury lawyer and provide the necessary information about your injury and other details, everyone benefits.

The Importance of Being Honest

It might help you to know that confidentiality is a crucial part of the lawyer-client privilege so anything you tell your personal injury lawyer is protected, which means they cannot share it with anybody. During a personal injury case, working with a specialist lawyer may be very helpful because the process of submitting a claim can be incredibly complicated. However, your lawyer can only work with the information you provide. If you are in the process of a personal injury claim, or you’re intending to make one, be sure to tell your lawyer everything and keep the information up to date.  


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5 Things You Must Tell Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Here are five things that your lawyer must be aware of to run your personal injury claim. These may affect your lawyer‘s strategy during the claims process, and so they should be worked out well beforehand.

  1. Your personal injury lawyer should be told about any injuries or accidents you have had previously or ones not related to your present claim. The defence may argue about which injuries are related to your claim so your lawyer will need to be able to explain or to dispute their arguments.
  2. If you have a criminal record you must be upfront about it. While your record may not affect your personal injury claim, if it comes up in court your lawyer needs to know about it beforehand.
  3. If you have been bankrupt or are about to file, your lawyer needs to know about it. If you file for bankruptcy during your personal injury case, your settlement may be deemed part of the estate so your payout may go to your creditors. If you let your personal injury lawyer know about it, he or she can work with your bankruptcy lawyer and maybe a portion of your payout can be secured for you.
  4. If you have filed for divorce or will be filing for one, your personal injury lawyer needs to know. Your spouse may be entitled to some part of your damages if he or she was supporting you after you were injured. If you tell your lawyer, your spouse will be assured of receiving their fair share.
  5. You must tell your lawyer if you have sustained any injuries AFTER the accident in which you were injured and for which you are making a claim. The defence may allege you are trying to claim for injuries that are not associated with your claim. If your personal injury lawyer is aware of any other injuries he or she can dispute any erroneous claims made by the defence.


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Gather Your Documents

When you go to your first appointment with your personal injury lawyer you should make sure you have all your documents and a chronology prepared.  Once you have gathered them up, do the following:

  • Organise your documents chronologically – from the earliest to the present.
  • Make copies of all your documents and put the originals away in a safe place.
  • Give your personal injury lawyer a copy of your documents in chronological order.
  • But take along the originals since your lawyer might wish to sight them.

Take all your documents, even ones you’re not sure the lawyer will need.  By providing all the relevant information you have, it will help your personal injury lawyer to give you the right advice and to evaluate your chances of succeeding with your claim or resolving your case in your favour.

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