Miss KJ was driving along Forest Road, Arncliffe, when the driver at fault veered onto the wrong side of the road, colliding with her vehicle. Even though our client was wearing a seat belt she sustained injuries and was lucky to escape the way she did. Miss KJ suffered injuries to her upper body, mainly her neck, chest and both her shoulders. This was due to the strong impact of the collision jolting her body.

The Aftermath

Miss KJ was unable to work for four weeks or take her children to and fro school due to the car accident. After the third week Miss KJ contacted PK Simpson Compensation Lawyers about her injury and asked whether she was entitled to compensation.

Getting Back On Track

Miss KJ contacted us quickly and was able to get on top of the process with our guidance and hard work. Her solicitor and secretary organised the necessary specialist appointments and contacted Miss KJ regular to keep her abreast of the situation.

Not more than a year after the car accident date Miss KJ’s claim had been finalised and settled outside of court. Miss KJ, along with her husband, and her solicitor attended the informal settlement conference set up with the defendant lawyers. As all evidence had been gathered by her solicitor and a strong argument presented, it took just under an hour for her solicitor to negotiate a settlement figure which made Miss KJ and her husband extremely happy. With the experience and resources of the lawyers at PK Simpson, Miss KJ and her family were able to overcome and move on in a positive manner after her unfortunate accident.

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