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//Pedestrian Hit By Car

In 2012 there were 41,520 car accidents in New South Wales. Of those 336 were fatal and 18,110 resulted in injuries to those involved. See more car accident stats here.

If a driver, passenger or pedestrian was not at fault and suffered an injury, that person is entitled to compensation.

We have lawyers dedicated to working on car accident injury claims. That means they deal in hundreds of claims a year and have dealt with thousands in their time with us. CTP claims is a specialised area of compensation law, separate to workers compensation, occupiers liability, medical negligence and total and permanent disability (TPD) claims, all of which lawyers at PK Simpson are experts in.

In this particular situation our client was struck by a car on her way home from work, as a nurse, one afternoon in Glenfield, NSW.  In the accident our client suffered injuries to her head, face, both shoulders and arms, chest, abdomen, back and both legs. Additional to this our client suffered mental harm in the form of anxiety and depression as well as sexual dysfunction as a result of the accident.

Our client was lucky to seek out our services in time. In NSW a period of 6 months is given in which an injured person must lodge a claim. In some cases exceptions are given in circumstances of death and depression and other things which would justify why a claim had not been lodged. If you find yourself out of time we can still help.

Remember, your best weapon against an insurance company is information. We will provide that and plenty of expertise to make sure you receive your full entitlements. Often, insurance companies will offer you a settlement sum but it would be silly to accept this not knowing your full entitlements under the relevant legislation. In many cases the final settlement can be 10 times what the insurer initially offered! – even after legal fees have been deducted.

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