It’s the catch phrase which broke boundaries and set one very unique law firm well a part from the rest.

It’s the first words that came to mind for most people when someone mentions P.K.Simpson. Our sort of reputation isn’t built over night and goes to show that with persistent effort and results, a hallmark of this firm, we have created a lasting impression in people’s mind that shines from the character in every member of our team.

We don’t just work in personal injury compensation. We work for PK Simpson Personal Injury Compensation Lawyers because we love what we do and are passionate about helping the people of New South Wales and Australia.

By the way, this catchy phrase was created by PK and used in the advertising over the objection of the Creative Director of a famous Radio Station! And what do you know!…It caught on because people felt the value and truth, clients came and left a lot happier, they spread the word, and now thanks to your loyalty the ‘Homer doesn’t work here but PK does’ phrase has risen above all others in the legal industry proving that we not only talk the talk but we walk the walk.

It embodies the work ethic and unique client relationship we have have established our firm on and which has helped us become Australia’s leading injury compensation law firm.

At PK we are different to other firms. We have over thirty years experience. You will encounter a superior service. You will receive results. You will leave with a smile!

From our solicitors to our secretaries and all our staff and PK, you will be treated fairly, with respect and be provided with the best legal representation. We guarantee that!

So remember, from car accidents to work related injuries and medical negligence, and from disputing a will to sending an letter of demand……. ‘Homer doesn’t work here but PK does!’