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    Have You Been Injured in an Accident at a Harbourside Shopping Centre?

    If this is you and you’ve suffered an injury in a slip fall or any kind of accident at Sydney’s Harbourside Shopping Centre, either in the food courts, a restaurant or entertainment venue etc., you may be eligible to make shopping centre injury compensation claims.

    If you have hospital, medical or rehabilitation bills and have suffered financial losses due to an inability to work as a result of the injuries, we can help you make shopping centre accident claims for personal injury to recover your expenses and recoup your losses.

    About Harbourside

    Harbourside at Sydney’s Darling Harbour has a host of waterfront bars, cafes, restaurants and food courts and more than 100 specialty stores such as homeware brands, local and international jewellery, fashion, a supermarket, and entertainment such as laser tag, ten pin bowling and more plus fireworks every Saturday evening. It is located at 2-10 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW 2000.

    Mirvac bought the site in 2013 and designs and plans for a $1.8 billion redevelopment are underway.

    For more than 35 years our excellent personal injury lawyers at PK Simpson have helped injured and ill Australians to make retail store injury claims for slip fall accidents.

    And since Harbourside opened, we have acted for claimants injured there.

    Hazards in Harbourside Shopping Centre Retail Stores and Venues

    Accidents happen in all shopping centres and anywhere people go, and injuries often result. When customers and employees rush up and down aisles or between tables in restaurants and floors aren’t clean or there are obstacles it’s a recipe for a compensation case.

    All businesses including Harbourside Shopping Centre have a duty of care towards customers and the public and a responsibility to keep their environments safe.

    Potential hazards at Harbourside Shopping Centre venues include:

    • Faulty fridges and freezers or doors left open spilling liquids into aisles or on floors
    • Slip hazards on floors from leaking packages or spilt drinks, food, or fruit
    • Bags or boxes left on floors after restocking
    • Debris or food scraps on floors
    • Floors left wet and slippery near entry and exit points in rainy weather
    • Abandoned shopping trolleys or shopping baskets

    These scenarios in which slip fall accidents occur are common, so if this happens to you, or if you’ve had an insurance car park accident in Harbourside Shopping Centre, call us at PK Simpson today.

    Claim Compensation for Slip & Fall Accidents and Injuries in Harbourside Stores and Shopping Centres With PK Simpson Today

    The team of personal injury lawyers at PK Simpson specialise in slip and fall compensation claims and have helped many people win lump sum payout compensation against Harbourside Shopping Centre. If you’ve had a recent accident in a restaurant, supermarket or any of the venues at Harbourside Shopping Centre, contact us at PK Simpson today.

    And if you’ve been injured while working for Harbourside Shopping Centre, you can make a workers compensation claim against your employer. If you’re searching online for personal injury lawyers “nearby, or near me”, contact us on 1300 757 467 so we can assess your claim and start the ball rolling.

    Some of the many retail and food outlets where employee and customers injure themselves include:

    • Blue Fish Restaurant
    • Charcoal Pot
    • Criniti’s
    • Gloria Jean’s Coffees
    • Hurricane
    • S Grill
    • Hero Sushi
    • Harbour Bar and Kitchen
    • KFC
    • Lok Lok Dumpling
    • Lovisa
    • Kazbah
    • Kingpin Bowling
    • McDonald’s
    • Mamaks Village
    • Mad Mex
    • Oporto
    • Pancakes On The Rocks
    • Rashays Restaurant
    • Olivo Restaurant
    • Subway
    • Toros Tapas and Bar
    • Waterfront Grill

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