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    Have You Been Injured in an Accident at an Aldi Supermarket?

    If you’ve been injured at an Aldi supermarket you might not have to pay for any financial losses or your medical expenses. At PK Simpson, our team of expert lawyers can help you with shopping centre injury compensation claims from Aldi.

    About Aldi

    Global supermarket giant Aldi, which is two German companies (Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd), has 500 stores throughout NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA and WA and is one of the top 10 retailers operating in Australia. The supermarket employs 12,000 people in Australia throughout its stores, corporate offices and distribution centres.

    If you slipped and fell and sustained an injury on a wet or dirty floor or an obstacle in an aisle, or you had a car accident in an Aldi supermarket car park, contact us today so we can get your compensation claim started.

    Going up against insurance companies is our business at PK Simpson. 

    Contact our friendly staff to discover how we can help you with your slip and fall accident compensation claim.

    Hazards in Aldi Supermarkets

    Customers and other people who enter Aldi supermarkets expect hazard-free, clean floors with no obstacles that could cause them to slip, trip or fall and injure themselves. But no matter how hard supermarkets try to prevent them, accidents still happen. The continuous stocking and restocking can cause problems, and Aldi, like all businesses, has a duty to keep its premises safe, but these are common instances:

    • Large restocking trolleys customers have to avoid
    • Boxes in aisles after stocking or re-stocking;
    • Leaks in fridges causing water on floors
    • Debris, food scraps on aisles or checkout floors
    • Wet mopped floors, entry and exit floors wet due to weather
    • Slippery aisles from package leaks, or spilt drinks
    • Faulty or stray shopping trolleys and baskets.

    Parents shopping with small children could easily miss seeing a box, spilt rice or pasta, a lettuce leaf or banana e.g. or an object on the floor in an aisle and slip over. Elderly, injured or ill people or anyone with poor sight, can become victims.

    Claim Compensation for Slip & Fall Accidents and Injuries in Aldi Supermarkets with PK Simpson today

    Slip and fall accidents happen too often in our supermarkets and our lawyers at PK Simpson, have helped people from all over Australia who have been injured. No matter how your accident happened, and there are many ways, while shopping, working as an Aldi supplier or employee you were injured in a trip slip or fall accident, you may be eligible to claim compensation.

    Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers at PK Simpson are specialists in supermarket claims for slip and fall compensation and lump-sum payouts from Aldi.

    If you’ve had an accident in any of the Aldi supermarkets you may be eligible to make a compensation injury claim. If you’re looking online for ‘injury claim lawyers in my area, nearby, near me’ contact us today so we can check out your claim and begin the process.

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