Our client was a process worker for a food manufacturing business. Our client suffered a serious injury while lifting a heavy metal drum of ingredients. He was working alone and unassisted. His back was severely injured and required significant surgery.

His back operation entailed a surgical decompression to the lumbar spine.

Since our client’s work accident he has been unable to work due to his work injuries. Additionally, the severity of our client’s work injuries caused severe chronic pain and depression. Our client developed a drug dependency to cope. As a result of the drug dependency our client then had to attend a drug detox and rehabilitation centre which was expensive and draining on our client and his family.

Our firm made the claim that the employer was negligent due to the employer’s lack of supervised assistance and training for its employee, our client. The employer’s insurer claimed our client was unable to work due to his drug dependency rather than the injuries suffered.

We acted for our client by participating in a court appointed mediation to negotiate settlement offers. At the mediation we agreed to a final increased offer of $500,000 from the Defendant.

Our successful claim for Work Injury Damages against the employer resulted in an excellent settlement amount of $500,000 for our injured client. Our client was happy with the result.

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