Our client worked as a general labourer in a factory. Our client suffered a terrible injury due to a motor vehicle accident involving a forklift. While he was leaning on the floor, against the wall trying to plug an electrical lead into the powerpoint, a forklift being driven on the factory floor, reversed over our clients leg and amputated the leg. Our client’s leg was amputated by the forklift just below the right knee. Our client was conscious during this horrific accident.

Our client required surgery to repair the limb at the amputation site and general rehabilitation involving prosthetic fitting and learning how to walk again.

Since our client’s motor vehicle accident at work he has been unable to work due to his injuries. Our client speaks little English, was in his 50’s and his prospects of obtaining manual work were diminished.

Our firm helped the injured worker to make a successful workers compensation claim for treatment, medical expenses, wages and a lump sum compensation of $300,000. Our firm also made a further motor vehicle claim. Some may not be aware that a forklift accident is considered to be a motor vehicle accident.

We acted for our client in the motor vehicle accident claim, filing proceedings in court. We participated in an Informal Settlement Conference prior to going to court.

Our successful negotiation resulted in an excellent further motor vehicle accident claim settlement amount of $800,000 for our injured client. With the workers compensation claim our total settlement figure was around $1.2 million. This result was achieved in less than 12 months from receiving instructions from our client. Our client was extremely happy with the result.

This amount will help our client pay for regular medical checkups and maintenance required for the leg stump, the 3-yearly replacement of the very costly prosthetics themselves and the peripheral equipment.

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