Our client was a customer having a meal at a café in Sydney. Our client suffered an injury in the café after she had finished her lunch there. As she was walking to the register to pay she slipped on a chip that had been left on the floor, causing her to fall to the ground.

Since our client’s accident she had to attend a physiotherapist several times to relieve the pain caused by the injury.

Our firm made the claim that the café should have maintained a safe environment for its customers and therefore needed to compensate our client for the subsequent treatment caused by the slip and fall. This kind of injury is an example of a public or occupiers liability claim. Our firm organised an Informal Settlement Conference (ISC) with the café’s insurer to negotiate the compensation amount. At the conclusion of negotiations we agreed on a settlement amount.

Our successful claim against the café’s insurer resulted in the settlement amount of just over $30,000 for our injured client. Our client was happy with the result.

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Have you ever been injured in public place such as a shopping centre, supermarket, cafe or restaurant?