This article was published in the Sydney Morning Herald in June of 2013. The article highlights how individuals are much better off with large superannuation funds because they provide default death insurance and total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance. The article focuses on life insurance and briefly mentions TPD in the final paragraph.

What we found interesting is that this is one of the few newspaper articles about TPD claims. Almost all of us are entitled to make a claim if we fit the criteria. (If you have been unable to work for 6 months or more due to any medical reason, call us to check.) The legal process to lodge a claim can be lodged by you but it is best done by lawyers who specialise in TPD. The superannuation fund investigates every claim and employs lawyers to fight the claim. When negotiations take place you want specialised lawyers to make a stand and obtain the best possible outcome.

PK Simpson has a team of lawyers dedicated to TPD/ Superannuation claims. It’s something we are very good at and why people, Australia wide, want PK Simpson on their side.

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Read the article in the Sydney Morning Herald