A young man in his mid thirties had an accident whilst working at a factory . The young man, knowing he needed legal help and after being recommended, by a friend, to go to PK Simpson, contacted us in relation to a workers compensation claim.

The initial injury occurred whilst attempting to manoeuvre a heavy container. Although machinery was at hand, some physical interference was needed on his behalf and as he did this, he fell from a height onto concrete.

As a result our client undertook medical treatment to his lower back. Our doctors discovered that the injury had adverse side effects on other parts of his body, affecting his internal organs and mental state.

After initial success in a workers compensation lump sum payout we immediately began proceedings for Work Injury Damages. Our hard working lawyers had the avenues mapped out for him, explained to him the procedure and stayed in contact regularly.

After the insurer declined liability our lawyers commenced negotiations. The insurer, knowing our evidence was rock solid, soon settled in the sum of  over $450,000. Our client was overwhelmed with the figure.

The client was happy, to say the least, and was over the moon when we informed him we would be pursuing more compensation through our Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) lawyers. Most superannuation funds include insurance cover for sickness, or in situations that prevent you working full time or at all. At PK Simpson we have a team of specialist lawyers dedicated to TPD. We do this so we can give you the best representation, every step of the way.

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