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2014 has seen an alarmingly high number of accidents involving pedestrians and bike riders on Sydney roads.

Slower speed limits and more structured lanes have not prevented the number of pedestrians being hit. One theory is that the rise of smart phones have made pedestrians less aware of their surroundings, especially when crossing roads. The use of smart phones by drivers has also proven to be a major concern.

In Sydney CBD buses have been the cause of almost half of all pedestrian deaths. Of the recent accidents this year witnesses have said that people often do not pay enough attention when crossing the roads and assume the bus lane is an extension of the footpath when waiting to cross the road. Congestion at peak hour has also been a factor.

MOST pedestrian related accidents still occur on weekends and involve alcohol-affected pedestrians. They occur during the late evening and early morning hours. In fact 41 per cent of injuries happen at these times.

Pedestrian safety tips

  • Always use pedestrian crossings and hold your child’s hand when you cross the road.
  • Check for turning vehicles around intersections and before you leave the curb.
  • Never cross the road from behind a parked vehicle.
  • Never assume an approaching driver will stop for you.
  • Avoid using a mobile phone or music player when crossing the road.

Take care on the roads.

Injured as a pedestrian in a car accident?

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