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//Will posting too much on social media affect your personal injury claim? 2/3

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What happens when you apply for a claim?
Nowadays, people are taking advantage of this service and making personal injury claims for dishonest reasons. To make sure this doesn’t happen, your application will never get granted as soon as you apply for it. Once you apply, there will be a defence lawyer appointed to your claim. This defence lawyer’s job is to determine whether you’re being truthful about your claim. They gather evidence on each applicant and this is when your social media profiles can come into the picture. One of the first things these lawyers do is look up your social media profiles to see if you are in fact, as injured as you claim.

There are cases where the claimants have been denied their rebate after defence lawyers looked at their social media profiles. As an example, imagine a claimant has made a claim for his broken hand or leg sustained during a car accident because is he unable to move around and earn an income. But contrary to his claim, suppose his social media profile gives an entirely different picture altogether. It shows him skiing or snowboarding at an incredible resort with his family. In such a case, his claim could be cancelled and he would be denied compensation. There are many similar instances to this recorded for such malpractices.

Along with physical injuries, the claimant can also claim for emotional loss or depression, as long as there’s no solid evidence to the contrary. The disability lawyer will, therefore, crosscheck your personal social media profiles, photos or blogs to find evidence to support your claim.

Not only do personal injury lawyers keep a lookout for questionable social media posts where a supposedly ‘injured’ person is being quite active, but they also will make a note of how you are expressing yourself on social media. For instance, if someone has claimed for compensation as he or she is facing depression due to an injury, yet this person is sharing happy moments spent with family and friends, the defence lawyer can take this as evidence and ask for the claimants compensation to be denied.

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