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    Or left out of a will?

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      Contested‌ ‌Wills‌ ‌in‌ ‌NSW‌

      If someone files a contested wills case or family provisions claim against the estate of a deceased person, the executor has to act as defender against it. Most people prefer to use lawyers or the Public Trustee as executors, who then act as defendants in contested wills in New South Wales. If you are a family member or friend appointed as executor and need support during the process of defending a contested will because it’s not easy. Call us at PK Simpson solicitors where we have the best lawyers ready to act for you.

      Defending a contested will? 

      Our NSW legal experts at PK Simpson are excellent at protecting your rights and ensuring you get the best outcome for your situation, no matter where you live in Australia. Learn more about contested wills here.

      Contested‌ ‌Wills‌ ‌Lawyers‌ ‌in‌ ‌NSW‌

      Contested wills are complicated, so your best chance ‌of‌ ‌defending your case is to call on the excellent PK Simpson lawyers nearby. ‌Our qualified and experienced contested wills lawyers NSW know exactly how to win your case.‌ We can show you examples, explain the process, and deal with clauses and other complicated legal definitions to do with the distribution of the estate.

      Also, our wills lawyers ‌know contested wills are sensitive, which is why they understand ‌‌and‌ ‌treat you‌ ‌with‌ respect.‌ ‌Call‌ ‌a PK‌ ‌Simpson‌ ‌office nearby or near you today‌ ‌on‌ 1300 757 467,‌ ‌so ‌our‌ ‌lawyers‌‌ ‌can support you to defend your case.

        Injured in an accident?

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          7 out of 10 clients come to us because of the good things they have heard from past and current clients.

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            Injured in an accident?

            Speak with our team today...

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Those eligible include spouses, both former and de facto (including same-sex partners) and their children, grandchildren and anyone who was partially or fully dependent on the deceased. Also anyone in a ‘close personal relationship’ with the deceased when they died.

            For the best chance of success, call our wills experts at PK Simpson as soon as you realise something is wrong, something untoward happens regarding the will. You need legal help also if you have been left without provision in a loved one’s will, you haven’t been adequately provided for, or you suspect fraud or other suspicious activity regarding the will.

            The cost can be expensive, depending on how long it will take to resolve the claim. The claim and who pays is decided either by the Supreme Court, mediation or negotiation before the case reaches court. After you have talked with our will experts at PK Simpson, we will have a better idea of the estimated costs. However, you don’t have to pay anything until your case is finalised due to our ‘no win no fee’ guarantee.

            A will can be contested in NSW on several grounds including that the will is grossly unfair. Contesting a will due to undue influence is common, and other reasons include the testator having lacked testamentary capacity, experienced duress when making their will, there was fraud or forgery involved.

            In NSW, you have 12 months from the date of the person’s death to challenge or contest their will. You can contest a will even after probate is granted but it’s always best to act fast so as not to jeopardise your claim.

            You have 12 months from the death of the person to make your initial claim. But you may still be able to challenge the will under certain circumstances, even if the estate has been distributed to beneficiaries. These include not knowing the person had died or proving you were threatened, then the court can set aside the usual time limit.

            The only people who can make a family provision claim or contest a will are those who are eligible. Unless you are a relative of the deceased or living in the same household you cannot claim the estate. Moreover, eligibility can be complex because every case is different so you should call PK Simpson today for legal advice.

            Yes, under NSW law, the husband or wife of the deceased person can contest a will.

            Yes, a will can be challenged not only by beneficiaries involved in the will but also by anyone with an interest or relationship with the testator.

            You may have a case if you are eligible to claim family provision or wish to challenge a will that you believe is not legally binding, has been tampered with or changed. Other reasons include a more recent will, a mental health or another issue. Therefore, people should have wills drafted by experienced, excellent lawyers such as those at PK Simpson. Check out our website at and if you have questions, call us today.