Winter sports are as popular as ever, with skiing and snowboarding resorts a holiday destination for people all over the world – even in the often temperate Australian climate.

It won’t be news to many that the higher regions of New South Wales and Victoria are popular skiing locales, with resorts offering thrills and unfortunately sometimes spills.

When the latter happens and a person is injured at a ski resort, there is sometimes reason to investigate a legal claim.

What kind of accidents are eligible for a claim?

While an accident on the slopes is not always the result of third-party negligence, ski resorts are filled with hazards that could cause a visitor to pursue an injury claim.

Slips or falls around the resort are perhaps some of the most common, and could be cause to investigate a claim against the property owner to see if there has been a public liability breach.

Stairwells, chairlifts, lobby and wet areas and other parts of the resort or lodge may quickly become hazards if left unattended, in which case the venue owners will have a duty of care to ensure injuries don’t occur.

However, whether it’s on the slopes or inside the resort itself, it’s important to look into any instance where you think the accident was not your fault. Not doing so could leave you suffering the medical and emotional costs of what can be substantial injuries. Meanwhile, being fairly and financially compensated for the incident could help put your mind at rest.

What to do if you’ve had a skiing or snowboarding accident?

If you’ve been injured while skiing or snowboarding and you think you have a reason to pursue a claim, it’s worth contacting an experienced accident and injury lawyer. By working with such a professional, you will have someone who can first identify whether or not you have a case, to ensure you aren’t wasting your time.

Secondly, an experienced professional in such a field will help you build a case for receiving the maximum settlement you are entitled to.

A no-win no-fee lawyer will also pay the up-front costs of making a legal claim, with the medical and legal fees then subtracted from the final settlement. This way, claimants are assured that they are not out of pocket during the claims process.

To speak with a legal expert today, contact PK Simpson, Accident Compensation Lawyers in NSW, and discuss your eligibility for a claim.