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What is a Letter of Demand?


A Letter of Demand is a legal document which advises the debtor of the amount outstanding and threatens court action to recover the debt if it is not paid within a set period of time. It can be used for any amount of debt owed to you. The document can be used as evidence in court proceedings as written proof of your claim and that you have attempted to settle the debt.


What makes our approach different?

The PK Simpson Letter of Demand (LOD) is the most effective way to recover a debt in one swift action as we collect all essential information via our website, meaning an appointment is not required and only one online payment is made.

PK Simpson的催款函是最快捷有效的催款方式,因为所有催款的相关信息是通过本公司的网站被获取,即不需要任何预约,而且是一次性网上付费。

  • We do not charge a commission.
  • 我们不收佣金
  • We are a Law Firm not a mercantile agent.
  • 我们是律师事务所 不是商务中介
  • There is no need to schedule an appointment and no hidden costs.
  • 不需要预约,也没有隐形费用
  • Our Letter of Demand is valid Australia wide as well as worldwide.
  • 本公司的催款函适用于全澳洲和全世界
  • You have no obligation to proceed with legal action and if you choose to take further legal action you may.
  • 您没有义务一定要进入法律诉讼程序,但您有权选择进入法律诉讼程序。
How is payment made?

The Debtor will be asked to contact the Creditor (you) within 14 days to settle the debt.


Will there be any additional legal fees?

No. It is a one off payment.


  • LOD sent by an individual: $44.00 (price includes GST)
  • 个人发催款函:44澳币(包含GST
  • LOD sent by a company/ business owner: $88.00 (price includes GST)
  • 公司或企业发催款函:88澳币(包含GST

Get started


Complete our short online form. In a few quick steps we’ll have all the necessary information. We then serve the LOD and give the debtor a period of 14 days to comply.


A few things we need to know


  1. Address of the debtor. * Additional fee of $20 charged for debtor address search.

债务方的地址  * 若需查询债务方地址,需额外付费20澳币

  1. Proof of money owing. You must be able to upload or send to us any relevant documents such as invoices, contracts or letters of agreement stating the amount owed.


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