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//Motor vehicle injuries leads to significant payout in NSW

Motor vehicle accidents can have a devastating impact on a person’s quality of life, making it important for those involved to seek appropriate compensation following an accident.

Car accident legal help Sydney

Serious accidents call for specialised compensation advice.

Given these wide-ranging ramifications, anyone who is affected in an accident should consider making a claim for compensation.

The consequences that can accompany an accident on NSW’s roads was seen recently in a case before the District Court. In the dispute, a woman was awarded $746,165 for injuries sustained as a result of a serious vehicle accident.

The woman suffered a range of injuries 10 years ago, after the stationary vehicle she was in was struck from behind. The force of the impact caused her car to collide with the one in front of hers and the woman experienced significant physical trauma.

At issue in the case was whether the woman’s pre-existing medical conditions might have affected the severity of her injuries in the accident. Prior to the collision, the woman had suffered a number of specific health concerns, however the Court was satisfied that these had played no role in her injuries in this case.

The Court also provided judgment on a further issue – namely the conflicting medical advice provided by subsequent medical inspections conducted by doctors and specialists in the years since then.

In the presence of this conflicting advice, the Judge relied on the consistency of the complaints and the unchallenged elements of this evidence to reach a conclusion on the long-term health impact of the accident.

For others who have been involved in an accident, the case underscores just how important it is to have a comprehensive account of the injuries they sustain from an accident before making a claim for compensation. In this case, the woman’s ongoing medical treatment provided a major pillar of her argument, as did the evidence from earlier treatment.

To learn more about making a claim for compensation following a motor vehicle injuries and accident, make sure to consult with specialist compensation lawyers at PK Simpson.

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