Have you suffered a mental injury while working at an Westpac bank or as a customer, supplier or member of the public? It’s not uncommon for tellers at Westpac banks to be subjected to trauma from a holdup or robbery, aggressive or violent customers. And in holdups, customers are also affected. 

Some Westpac workers have suffered sexual harassment, been physically assaulted, others subjected to bullying or harassment by co-workers and superiors. Some workers have been left with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or another mental injury. Others now have ongoing poor mental health, a psychological injury and mental health problems as a result of bullying or harassment. Many of these people have made workers compensation claims for their work related mental injury.

Mental Ill Health or Injury at Westpac

If your mental health has suffered as an Westpac  worker and you now have a mental illness, you’re deemed eligible, you may not have to pay for your lost earnings and medical expenses. If you cannot work due to a psychological/mental injury, (even if you were a customer) you may be entitled to weekly compensation benefits or a lump sum compensation payout.

 If this is you, or you are suffering from major depression due to your work at Westpac, contact our expert personal injury lawyers at PK Simpson as soon as possible so we can help you lodge a workers compensation claim. Whether your mental injury or damage was caused by stress, trauma, overwork, bullying or harassment,  don’t hesitate to call PK Simpson today on 1300 407 343!

Mental Health Injuries at Westpac & Other Workplaces

According to SafeWork(1) Australia, work-related psychological injuries (also known as mental health injuries or conditions) are a significant concern for Australian workplaces.  

Employees working in banks such as the Westpac, 0ffice workers in large corporations or small businesses, even tradies can suffer a psychological or mental injury at work and may be eligible to claim compensation.  

However, claiming workers’ compensation for employees – including Westpac Bank workers whose mental health has suffered – is complex. Managing claims for psychological damage to workers starts with recognising possible unique challenges and making sure the claimant is supported and empowered through the compensation process.

Work-Related Westpac Mental Injuries

Work-related psychological injuries can be more complex than physical damage to an employee. The reason is that other lifestyle stresses or incidents and things outside the workplace can be either contributing factors or major causes of a mental illness. Also, relapses can result from life events. Most insurance companies would exclude psychological injury due to reasonable management action.

Westpac Bank mental injury claims and those in other similar workplaces may be incredibly challenging because the person injured usually requires more time off work than someone with a physical injury. 

These claims can also be, on average, much more expensive. According to data from 2013 to 2017 published by Icare (2), the average cost of mental injury claims with weekly payments was double the amount received for physical injury claims. The difference was due to double the work time lost for the mental damage claims.

Working at Westpac Shouldn’t Hurt 

The ACTU’s Work Shouldn’t Hurt survey(2) in 2019 found an astounding 78 per cent of employees in Australia are mentally or physically injured at work. This means four out of five workers in the survey reported physical or psychological injury or illness due to their job demands, and 47 per cent were exposed to distressing situations and traumatic events.

The results shone a light on an alarming rise in psychosocial injury at work. These injuries occur whether workers are employed by big banks like Westpac or office workers, cleaners, tradies, or other industries.  The survey found three in five workers were subjected to psychological illnesses or injuries, including stress, depression or anxiety at work. 

More than 30 per cent of employees faced violence, such as assaults or threats, abuse at the hands of the public, customers, clients or coworkers. A nurse reported being held hostage; other workers were kicked and punched. Some workers reported stress due to high workloads. 

PK Simpson Supports You if You’re Injured at Westpac

Our lawyers are personal injury experts who know precisely how to fight for your compensation if you’ve suffered a mental health injury at an Westpac bank, whether you were a worker or a customer, supplier or visitor. How do we do it? Like this:

  • Claim lodgement
  • Assistance with your detailed statement of events
  • Secure supportive Independent Medical Examiner assessments, including s66 assessment and liability for your claim
  • Procure witness statements
  • If your claim is disputed, we represent you in proceedings
  • If you qualify, we resolve your work mental injury damages claim for compensation if your employer is found negligent
  • Advise on any alternative claims against other parties
  • Assistance with superannuation claims

Mentally Injury at Westpac: What to Do Next

If you believe your work at Westpac caused your mental injury or psychological condition, report it to your employer asap if possible. If you’re a mentally injured Westpac customer whose injuries occurred inside the bank (slip or fall, abuse, assault or mental shock caused by another customer etc.), you need legal advice. Take the following steps:

  • Consult your GP to talk about the injury to your mental health. Your doctor should complete a workers compensation form stating that your mental injury occurred at work. Or if you were a customer, that you were mentally injured at an Westpac bank
  • If your mental or psychological injury happened at work, complete a work injury claim form and submit it to your employer or seek legal advice. 

For more than 38 years, PK Simpson lawyers have helped the people of Australia get the compensation they are entitled to receive. If you’ve suffered a mental injury at an Westpac bank and you’re searching the Internet for “personal injury lawyers near me”, check out our website. 

PK Simpson law teams have the skills and experience to guide you and make every effort to ensure your compensation claim for the damage done to you succeeds. Contact us today on 1300 757 467 and take advantage of our no-win-no-fee policy!


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