Our client, a young, vibrant woman was driving a car with a male front-seat passenger. The couple argued and her passenger pulled on the hand brake causing her to lose control of the car and collide with a telegraph pole. Our client’s injuries were catastrophic. She sustained irreparable spinal cord damage, leaving her a quadriplegic.

Our client’s paralysis meant she was completely reliant on care 24 hours a day. She was hospitalised for the better half of a year; being in a coma for three months and then undergoing several months of recovery and rehabilitation.

Since our client’s motor vehicle accident she has endured the emotional and physical trauma of a radically changed life.

We were instructed by our client to investigate all avenues and entitlements available to her following the catastrophic accident. This included filing proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW against the Greenslip or Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurer.

Our client faced many hurdles during the proceedings including allegations that she was partially at fault for the accident. Our firm strongly rebutted this allegation and we brought together a mediation. Our successful negotiation at the mediation resulted in an excellent motor vehicle accident claim settlement amount of $1.75m for our injured client. This amount is over and above the lifelong treatment and care provided to our client by the NSW Government Lifetime Care and Support Scheme. The $1.75m settlement will enable our client to adjust to her new life.  It will allow her to build a suitable home and purchase an appropriate vehicle to accommodate her needs. Our client and her family were extremely happy with the result.

Being catastrophically injured in a Motor Vehicle accident, our client became a permanent participant in the NSW Government’s Lifetime Care and Support Scheme which provides treatment, rehabilitation and attendant care services. Participants in that scheme may have limited knowledge of the entitlements and the benefits available to them through the scheme. We are able to assist clients in challenging unfavourable decisions made by their case managers and discussing further options with them. Participants can still make a motor vehicle claim against the Greenslip insurer even if they have accessed the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme.

Our firm helped our client access all the necessary treatment and rehabilitation options, including 24 hour in-home care, an advanced “stand-up” electric wheelchair as well as other in-home equipment and modifications.

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