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//Back pain compensation for Australian workers

Back pain compensation for Australian workers

Back pain isn’t an uncommon condition in Australia. In fact, figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimate that as many as 90 per cent of the population is likely to suffer at some point during their lifetime.

Back pain creates problems for Australian workers.

Back pain creates problems for Australian workers.

However, for some people, back problems aren’t simply something that come and go. They can cause severe discomfort during everyday life and even make it impossible for them to work.

A report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has named back pain among the top 20 burden-imposing conditions in the country, in terms of the life years it takes to adjust to the disability.

As a result, it’s hardly surprising that so many back pain sufferers choose to pursue workplace compensation claims. Enlisting the services of a no-win, no-fee solicitor can help you receive the payout you deserve. They will pay any upfront costs that arise as a result of the case, before subtracting your fee from the final settlement.

The prevalence of workplace back problems

Safe Work Australia’s Key Work Health and Safety Statistics show that as many as a fifth of serious workplace compensation claims involve injury to the back.

Employees working in certain sectors are more prone to difficulties than others. It is therefore the duty of managers to make sure their health and safety obligations are being met, and that the necessary safeguards are in place to protect workers.

Australia’s Health and Safety Executive has published a list of professions that are particularly at risk of back pain. Individuals working in heavy manual labour industries are vulnerable, as are those carrying out repetitive tasks and manual handling.

Sitting at a workstation for too long can also increase the incidence rate of back pain, as can repeatedly driving long distances.

The ABS estimates that as many as 3 million Australians have back problems, which equates to around 13.6 per cent of the general population. This creates strain on medical facilities, while affecting productivity in businesses throughout the nation.

Figures from Safe Work Australia show that a typical serious workers’ compensation claim involves four weeks’ absence from work. In a quarter of situations, sufferers have needed a minimum of 12 weeks out of the workplace.

As a result, back pain and other serious injuries are not something that any individual can afford to ignore. Instead, measures should be put in place to reduce the risk, and employees given the confidence to pursue any claims they might have by contacting experts in the field who can explain all your options and avenues resulting from back pain compensation.

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