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Colin Thompson

Senior Associate


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“Over the decades I’ve helped thousands of injured Australians claim compensation. My skill set and knowledge is deeply routed in personal injury compensation and I try my very best to apply this to all my clients. I love what I do.”

Colin has had over 20 years experience as a compensation lawyer in NSW and has dedicated his life to helping others with his legal expertise in claiming compensation. When first meeting Colin clients often feel as though a weight has been lifted from their shoulders as he explains the compensation claims process and how to claim compensation and the many avenues which may be available to the individual when considering where and how the accident and/or injury occurred.

There are a variety of personal injury compensation claims available to injured workers and individuals in NSW. Some are well known, like car accident claims and work injury claims, whilst others, like superannuation claims involving TPD benefits are totally unknown to most.

Colin explains that claiming for compensation is a process in which the compensation lawyer, on behalf of the client, liaises with the insurer in filling out and completing forms and making sure the correct evidence is supplied so as to obtain a favourable lump sum payout for the client. Further more clients realise that not all compensation lawyers are the same and provide a holistic service such as PK Simpson Compensation Lawyers.

Colin has spoken to many injured people who have attempted to claim compensation with other lawyers before coming to see him. Within days these new clients can review their claims and see remarkable progress.

If you require more information on compensation law, motor vehicle claims, or medical claims law, Colin Thompson can help. Contact him today.




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Personal Injury

Compensation Law

Public Liability

Occupier’s Liability

Workers Comp

Car Accidents