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“Nothing makes me happier than to see clients appreciate the amount of work that has been completed on their matter. I work really hard in helping everyday Australians with all their workers compensation enquiries and assisting them to the best of my ability. With the new workers comp laws in NSW it is now more vital than ever before to make sure we get medical reports for all the injuries a client has as this will effect their overall compensation.”

The introduction of new laws to workers’ compensation in New South Wales has surprised many injured workers. It is especially difficult for injured workers who have been effected by the new laws to come to terms with them. By staying on top of the new processes introduced by WIRO and working closely with the new government department we have completed and gained great results in Workers’ Compensation claims. Along with my team and the PKS firm, we have come to work very closely with WIRO (Workers’ Compensation Independent Review Office) to make sure the correct forms and procedures are followed, ensuring our clients the best possible outcome.

At the end of the day, when I see our clients, who are injured and haven’t been able to work and have been somewhat depressed, leave my office with a big smile, this is what makes my hard work ever more rewarding.

Catherine is experienced in handling all compensation and injury enquiries from motor accident injury claims, work injury claims and medical negligence claims. A key element of settling all claims is to have rock solid evidence in the form of medical reports. This ensures the upper hand at the negotiating table and makes our clients feel very comfortable knowing that they have done everything in their power to make their claim a success. Insurers will also demand clients see a doctor selected by them. Clients may find it difficult to see multiple specialists for the same injury and often question the procedure. In the end everything we do is in our clients’ best interest. team will always advise you on the best strategy and every step taken has the end result in mind.

If you require more information on compensation law, motor vehicle claims, or medical claim law, contact Catherine today to talk about your accident.



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