Khristopher Narsimullu – Compensation Lawyer

Khristopher Narsimullu

Khristopher Narsimullu – Compensation Lawyer

Associate Solicitor


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I value correspondence. My strengths include developing professional relationships with clients and helping them feel comfortable. Being a legal practitioner is more than a monotonous business relationship. It is about building a foundation of trust and understanding which is essential in creating effective working relationships. This enables clients to feel confident in my abilities and in providing instructions.”

Khristopher is a workers compensation lawyer in our Sydney office and excels in being a solicitor clients can relate and get along with. As mentioned in his personal quote Khristopher sees his ability to communicate as one of his best talents. NSW compensation lawyers deal with a diverse and multicultural client base allowing Khris further to excel as a compensation solicitor.

Injured workers come from all walks of life and appreciate the effort in which their compensation claims are handled. Much more than just having dealings with Khris, injured clients feel they are genuinely taken care of by Khris, his legal secretary and his team. As with many of our solicitors Khris has a vast array of experience in work injury claims and can therefore find multiple avenues of compensation claims for many clients. Client circumstances may change and throughout the claims process Khris will be constantly vigilant to making sure you receive all your entitlements under NSW work injury law as well as national law when it comes to your superannuation fund entitlements such as TPD.

Khristopher’s experience in personal injury law is vast. He is experienced in workers compensation, work injury damages, injury management disputes, medical discharge review and appeal, total and permanent disability claims and victims of crime claims.

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Area of Law:

Personal Injury

Compensation Law

Workers Comp

Car Accidents