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“Superannuation TPD compensation law can be overwhelming and confusing for clients who are unsure of their entitlements and what they need to do to be compensated for their injuries. It is our job to ensure that clients are made aware of the full extent of their entitlements and to achieve the best possible outcome for clients in accordance with the relevant TPD legislation within their superfund. We strive every day to achieve outcomes that our clients are happy with.”

Jennifer studied her Arts/Law degree at Macquarie University, Sydney.

Jennifer has 12 years experience in personal injury law, working mainly in the area of third party (CTP) insurance and total and permanent disability (TPD) law of which she has a thorough understanding. Jennifer enjoys working with clients to resolve technical issues with their motor accident claims and superannuation claims– assisting clients with claims that are lodged outside the strict third party time limitations and assisting clients with understanding their entitlements and obligations under the legislation.

Jennifer particularly enjoys assisting clients from non-English speaking backgrounds who may not have any understanding of Australian law. Jennifer strongly believes that injured people who are entitled to compensation should not be disadvantaged due to their lack of understanding of English and/or their entitlements under Australian law.

Jennifers background in compensation claims allows her to apply her knowledge in a unique way. Many Australians are unaware they are able to claim a superannuation TPD benefit if they are unable to go back to work due to an injury or illness. In many cases Jenny is the first to identify these clients and help determine whether or not they have the required benefit within their superannuation fund. The process of claiming a TPD benfit can be arduous for a layperson as the superfund and insurer will often require many medical documents to be prove that they fall under the specific definition of ‘totally and permanent disabled or partially disabled’ within the contract they have with their member.

From being injured in a car accident to injured at work or at a shopping center, Jenny  has helped many poeple with successful TPD claims, who previously had no idea such a claim was available to them.

Jenny will organise you to see the appropriate medical specialists and liaise with the other side to make sure you recieve your full TPD benefit or close as possible to the full amount if the insurer/superfund disagrees. We will help you negotiate and manage you claim with ease.

If you require more information on superannuation TPD claims, Jennifer Kyneur can help. Contact her today.



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